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Wild Dreams Featuring My Boyfriend's Best Friend

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:14 am
by EmilytheGreat
So lately, I have been having a wide variety of odd dreams, but last night, it was particularly interesting. I'll start from the beginning...

I am at my father's, wife's, parents' house, or what their house is in my dream. It's a baby shower for my older sister and it is going really well, until it's not. I get in a fight with my step-mom and my dad, and somehow go to leave, and the cars are parked oddly in the garage, diagonally and such. I try to leave and end up hitting the cars, which turn out to be couches (???) No one is really mad, but I'm still arguing with my step mother, who proceeds to slice my nose down the middle, so that it flops open, and I have to hold it shut. It's not bleeding any more after a while, but if I let it go it opens like a split kielbasa.

Flash forward to some sort of outdoor party, where I am looking for a ride home. I as my friend to, and she agrees, but not before stopping to talk to every nasty person that we used to know along the way. I get fed up and trade something to someone, cigarettes or weed, so they can take me away. Police lights flash, but we are already gone.

Then to my brother, hastily taking me to an old apartment of his to keep me safe from something that I am not aware of. WE come upon an old, industrial-looking, warehouse type of building, and go inside. The interior looks much like a barracks, but instead of bunk beds, there are single beds, with a good amount of space between them. People are all around, music is playing, many are drinking. It seems like a great time. He disappears, and my other sister is there, asking why I am. Soon after she brings me downstairs to get a drink.

I meet my boyfriend's best friend and his, what Im assuming on again girlfriend there and we chat for a bit. She goes off, and were just chatting until we see her off in the distance hanging all over someone, and that isn't even uncharacteristic of real her, so dream her isn't much different. Sad and upset, my friend walks away, and I got out into the cold to comfort him, telling him itll be okay and that he deserves better.

This is where I start to feel a little odd about it all. Things get a little fuzzy here, because this part makes me feel weird that it cam out of my own brain. Anyways, I'm up in this room, concrete walls, small as a broom closet, laying on a couch with my boyfriends best friend. We're watching something on the tv, talking about the days events. Im venting my problems to him, and he to me. Its comfortable, like we've been each others confidants for years. We talk into the late evening and we both fall asleep. I wake up and in wrapped up in his arms with my back to him. It's a bit cold and I snuggle in closer, before I realize who it is. I turn to him and he looks at me, having been awake for a bit, and he kisses me. Dream me is completely taken over by it and we end up sleeping together.

Im assuming days are passing, and we keep seeing each other going out to grab a snack, or just chatting over a cigarette on a dark balcony, behind the back of the person that we love the most. I am so in love with my boyfriend, but I realize that I am in love with our friend too, and I am torn apart by it. My boyfriend would be devastated to find out, and all I and our best friend want is to make my boyfriend happy and okay with it.

In the end, we tell him and he is livid. He leaves after a bit of yelling and for the first time, I don't make him stay. I know that he is gone. After what seems like weeks, the best friend and I have been living in a self-hatred, sex filled haze and other than work we sit in dark places and smoke our lives away. Talking. Always talking.

One day my boyfriend, or in this dream, my ex, comes back and has a strange agreement. We share. Or rather THEY share ME. It is an odd agreement in which I can go out with both of them together. We go to dinner together and to movies. They both kiss me, they both hold my hands on and off. We sleep cuddled up with me between them every night, and we live in a perfect bliss.

I can't explain any of this. I don't have any repressed feelings as far as I am aware of and I hate having these dreams that leave me with this weird feeling. Please, for the love of all that is holy, SOMEONE HELP.

Re: Wild Dreams Featuring My Boyfriend's Best Friend

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:46 pm
by shayah
its an interesting dream thanks for sharing it. I am curious if you would be open to having a relationship with the both of them?