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Love Triangle?? Need Help Interpreting!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:12 am
by skyspell413
I'm going to jump right into this. Last night I had this dream, this is the second time I've had said dream.
In this dream, I'm in a grocery store like Walmart or something and I see this guy who I know from online. Fun interesting fact: I'm a goth chick in this dream, which goes back to an expiriance I had with him. Lol. So I was talking to him while getting dressed and he suggested I try out all black just as a joke, and I did. Back to the dream! I start talking with him and my grandmother talks aswell, all about dog grooming because? hes a dog groomer in this store? (in the dream) but in real life he has a completely different job. So later its time for me to leave and he tells me the usual ya no "drive safely" and "be safe" "be careful" but he acts like hes really really worries about me or something that's going to happen. I grab the keys to my truck (plot twist: I'm a minor in real life and do not drive yet) and get in, but I don't fit in the truck, it's a tight squeeze, the steering wheel is to low and the seat to high. Meanwhile, there's this goth guy about 10 feet away from me, just staring me down, like a piece of meat in front of a hungry lion. I get scared and try to crank the truck faster but it wont crank and before I know it he squishes into the driver's seat and closes the door. And the dream ends like that. I believe I can connect this goth guy to my ehm master, because I think of him as my other half, I guess.

I'm really really confused about what this dream means. Could anyone help me out? Feel free to ask questions!

Re: Love Triangle?? Need Help Interpreting!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:54 pm
by Sheena
Expressed in this dream is need for safety and security. Dreamer imagines the regard she gets for all her posturing and posing about identity as murderous look. This dream is what she is reluctant to admit to self, that being social butterfly who plays at identities feels unsafe. And the others doing similar are making her insecure.