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I dated my old friend and married my husband again?

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

I dated my old friend and married my husband again?

Postby og1307 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:35 am

I was in a classroom with two other people. One was a girl in front of me, and J. (an old friend from high school who I haven't talked to in about two years. We were just friends, but had a thing for each other. Haven't seen him in person since 2010) was behind me. I felt awkward but also happy to see him, although I tried to stay away from him. I went to the back of the classroom to a sort of hallway and J. was there with a girl who I realised was his girlfriend, and I felt more awkward and maybe disappointed for some reason.

Then I was on a school bus heading home, and I hoped J. would sit next to me, but he never got on the bus. The road was icy and covered in snow and I closed my eyes because I was scared of the bus crashing. The bus dropped everyone off except for me. I was back at the school and tried to ask the bus driver why he didn't take me home, but he didn't say anything. I was in another room and I was sitting on a couch and J. was there again, and so was his girlfriend. His girlfriend was mad at him because he kept talking to me, and sat next to me on the couch, so I tried to stop talking to him, but when he girlfriend left the room, he wouldn't stop. She came back and saw him talking to me, so she broke up with him and I felt bad, but he didn't seem to care. (This kind of happened in real life, so that might we why I dreamt it. A couple years ago, I was talking to J. on Facebook, and his girlfriend got mad, so I stopped talking to him, but then they broke up because of it).

Then I was outside and T. (one of my best friends in high school) was there and we were going to have a picnic, so we went to a pretty area sort of in the woods. There were other people there too. We had our picnic and then J. was there and I was his girlfriend now, and his old girlfriend was jealous. She kept following us everywhere, but I didn't care because I felt bad for her, but I was also happy with him.

Then I was getting married, but to R. (My husband. We have been married since 2013). But it also kind of felt like it was supposed to be J. So the girl was still following me around everywhere and tried telling me I was her best friend, but it didn't make any sense, so I locked her in a closet so she would leave me alone. People were getting annoyed because the wedding was supposed to be starting, but I told them to wait. I unlocked the door and let her out, and as I walked down the aisle really quickly while some people laughed at how un-traditional I was being, I was thinking something about how I was getting married and letting J. down again, and that R. was smiling and happy to marry me, which for some reason in my dream, felt wrong, like he wasn't happy when we got married for real (we've had a lot of problems. He used to be emotionally and sexually abusive to me, but got better). My older sister laughed or cried about something and ran out and my mom was talking about it, so the wedding was kind of paused. That's all I remember.
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