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Love and regret...

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:05 pm
by Coconut412
It was a pleasant dream. Simple but emotional...
I dreamed of a guy I loved (well... my feelings developed progressively), he was one of my uni classmates (but we had only one course in common :lol: ).
He was smiling at me like he always did in real life, even though we've never had a strong relationship, we just knew each other (I cannot say it's "friendship", just socializing).
When I saw him, I had mixed emotions: I was... happy :oops: , excited... but also...... sad :shock: ?
It was like I've lost an opportunity.
I had the urge to confess, I just wanted to do it and I was ready to take the initiative...
... then when I woke up I realized that the opportunity is lost :pacing: . I knew him for only one year and I changed university. I tried to forget him but it's like the third time (I think) that I dream of him :crying: .

Re: Love and regret...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:55 pm
by Bagelbite
Maybe it's not about what it means, but what you should do to cope. I personally would stalk them down and tell them because it might hurt to be rejected or seen as a weirdo but at least you won't regret not sharing your feelings. Hell, it might even work it for you. Just don't tell him you keep dreaming about him just say you've been thinking about him. As a guy myself, if a woman came to me and told me she couldn't stop thinking about me it would either make me happy, want to play with her, or just be friends. It's okay to just be friends with someone even if you have stronger feelings. One day your feelings or theirs may change.