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Dream involving my ex friend and crush

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:14 pm
by ConstantBxDreamer
I had a dream that I was in a museum with a bunch of old friends whom I don't hang out with anymore and one particular one that I don't talk to anymore. Throughout the time I was trying to avoid acknowledging him or talking to him. At some point we ended up in a restricted area of the museum & getting out we ended up going out separate ways in the building and exploring. I stayed with this ex friend and at some point started talking to him & he was responding friendly and laughingly but it still felt distant and dry. We somehow ended up in my school and my ex friend went to sit down at a table in the cafeteria and I noticed sitting across from him was my former crush in school. I went to stand by my ex friend to get noticed by my crush and asked my ex friend to sit next to him & he said yes. I went to grab a chair but when I came back my crush was gone. I asked my ex friend what impression did he get from him and he responded as standoffish and to himself. I looked over to where my crush was sitting and there was an envelope addressed to a different girls name. I was disappointed because it was for somebody else but something in me drew me to open it half way & peek inside. I noticed my name and opened it completely. The letter was for me & was asking for me to be his Valentine & to accompany him to some Valentine event our school was having. I was excited and somehow ended up with my sister in some computer lab telling her about the letter. I stopped talking when I realized he was behind us in the same room on a computer turned around. When I stopped talking he turned around and was saying that he wanted to know my answer. I told him yes and he left. Even more excited I started reading the letter to my sister and two old high school friends who I wasn't even that close to that at one point showed up. They were giggling because of how cute it was & my crush ended up coming back into the room, seeing me read the letter and them giggling. He left upset, thinking that we were making fun of them. I followed him to try to explain but he kept walking away from me and was even crying. There was also a part in the dream where security was being called on me & my entire group of friends from earlier because they were trying to kick us out for entering that restricted area & wandering around. The dream was all over the place, but I mostly wanted to know what the part with my ex friend and crush could mean.