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Trying to make sense

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:51 am
by bulldragon
Hello I am trying to make sense of a dream I had with a girl that is a potential love interest and I will be going in detail. I forewarn it is very sexual and detailed but I feel it has a deeper meaning to it. To save time lets just call my girl Miracle. All opinions are appreciated and will be taken into consideration please keep an open mind it is a very detailed private dream with very sexual situations please do not disregard it as a sick fantasy or a wet dream because it wasn't, I can feel a deeper meaning to it, Thank You beforehand. Let us begin:

My dream begins with me and Miracle in the 69 position completely nude I begin by kissing her vagina and begin to perform oral sex on her and her on me. I remember looking deep into her vagina as I performed oral sex stopping to admire every little detail of her vagina with a loving feeling. Please keep in mind me and Miracle have never even dated much less had sex, we're in the talk phase getting to know each other. In the dream as I admire and continue performing cunalingus I focus all my attention on her clitoris massaging it with the edge of my tongue, until she orgasms. On a note I could not find clitoris in the dream dictionary. As she orgasms and moans I can't help but look into her vagina again and admire it in extravagant detail watching her orgasm happen and watch as in great detail as her vagina contracts and becomes wet and squirts a little watching every little detail of her orgasm unfold before me with admiration and love as she finally had an orgasm after a very long time years even. This was a thought in the back of my mind as I saw this in my dream and was an unspoken knowledge between us and I was happy for her to have this little pleasure and release, it is all I can describe it as, and I felt a sense of pride and happiness knowing I was the one to give it to her. Its like it was a pent up thing and she finally let herself go and feel. I feel like she was holding back her orgasm for very long time. After her orgasm we had sex and I can only describe it as making love full of passion and love and as we begin to make love she whispers in my ear that I have permission to have her after giving her this orgasm. We made love and we finished and I woke up around the time I had the orgasm in the dream. I had no physical indication of arousal or of a wet dream I just woke up happy.

Opinions on what this dream are appreciated. I am having a hard time understanding it because of the heavy sexual nature but I know and feel there is a deeper meaning to it. There is something there telling me something between Miracle and I please feel free to comment and let me know what you think ans what it could mean, Thank You

Re: Trying to make sense

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:36 am
by avbryce
First thing that comes to mind oddly enough is you want sex so bad that you are not associating it with a wet dream but with happiness.
Second thing that comes to mind do you know anyone by that name. If so (don't tell her about the dream) you may have feelings of some sort. Could be lust judging by the sexual, but only you can answer that. Extreme lust can be mistaken for love sometimes.

Re: Trying to make sense

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:35 pm
by Sheena
vb is very confused about libido.
This dream is completely somatic, sensual, which must have been enjoyable. Remember that the body is the primary way we experience emotions. In this dream those feelings are power and control, pride, satisfaction from influencing another. Also there are the memes of eating-consuming, seeing-owning. These themes will apply to some unrelsoved and likely non-sexual matter in the dreamer's life.