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My ex crush, spaceship, dreams at the end of my sleeve

PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:38 am
by carlyml
The dream starts with my family and I at a beach club where there's suppose to be a big party. There we meet some frineds from Chile that we met while traveling and in the group its my crush (he never payed attention to me during the vacations).so we start going around the beach from group to group and finally I reach one where there is a lot of people I know, there comes up to me a girl I don't know that tells me there's this friend who is interested in me but when I look at the guy I don't find him attractive at all but say that I'll meet him, thats when my crush comes and hugs me and kind of takes away from the guy I was going to meet. My crush starts taking me around the club just the two of us, we meet different groups of friends for a little while but most of the time its just us, slowly he starts becoming more touchy until he finally kisses me. Its then that I remember that its his last night in the country because he's going back to Chile with all his family and that its also his birthday so then we meet his family who congratulate him, he then lets go of my hand which he had been holding for all the dream but keeps me close, when I tell him happy birthday he leans almost to give me a kiss bur notice his with his family so just gives me the quickest peck in the world. The night ends and he tells me to stay in his room, we sleep in the same bed but its a huge room with a lot of bed where his family is sleeping so nothing happens.
The next morning I wake up but don't find him, I'm told he is showering so I decide to wait but never comes out, then I'm told he is out in the club so by this point I feel a little used and thrown away and ain't sure if I should look for him or not. I end up deciding that I should look around the club. Right after I leave the room I meet some of my mom's friends and talk to them, they ask me about my psychic abilities (have no idea why) and I answer about my dreams and how now they leave a changing scar on my arm that tells me all about what I've dreamt and what it meant. I keep looking for my friends and crush but the more I look around the club the more it starts changing into what you'll call a spaceship, first it looks like a cruise but ends up being a combination of both, I walk into a huge theater thats empty and when I get back to the elevator and some other girls I don't know, the spaceship ends up crazy. When I get out everything looks deserted and I'm told that most humans died leaving only a small amount that the spaceship has gone to sleep. I start waking it up (don't remember clearly but I think I was singing or saying a phrase over and over) and then I wake up.

I feel the dream is full of symbolism and meaning but can't seem to understand any of them so if someone could help understaand it...