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My Two Exes In One Body Coming Back To Rehash My Darkest Day

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

My Two Exes In One Body Coming Back To Rehash My Darkest Day

Postby OldFashPassion » Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:02 pm

I am a hopeless romantic. However, I always end up with the guys who break my heart. I once dated a guy who really screwed with my heart. I bought a car (I know, putting it under his name was dumber than dumb). We had a home together. I found he was cheating once and it wasn't pretty, but it ended with him and his family taking everything from our home and I returned to an empty home. I did everything for us. He was one of those guys you wanted to punch in the face because he was a jerk who had a nice guy who truly wanted the person he was in our honeymoon stage to be in a relationship with, for the long haul.

Rewind to the boyfriend before that. He and I were perfect to a "t" together. It was pure bliss. On Christmas Eve on year, he left to work one day and never returned. His parents found out he was gay and yanked him out of my life to never be contacted by again. I was crushed. I cried for weeks on end. Never to be the same man I once was.

My dreams recur with these two exes taking on the same persona. In my dream it makes sense how each contact I have with this person, they switch faces and voices from one to the other. Often times my dream starts with him and I alone, and we are hanging out and all is fine. Shortly after, his friends begin to appear, including an unknown male. Usually very ungrounded and appears almost homeless this person and my ex starts to flirt with one another right in front of me. This unknown guy is extremely attractive. Beyond beautiful. After a few moments of them whispering and flirting, I turn around and they have gone. I am all alone. I look everywhere. I usually get close enough to see the two far away but that's it. I find myself pleading if not begging for him to talk to me. I usually call over and over until he finally answers the phone only to tell me that he would never, ever even think of dating or ever being around me ever again. He continues to tell me how I disgust him and that he wants me to leave him alone, forever. He even goes as far as to describe over the phone the sexual acts he and this unknown guy are doing at that very moment. Odd thing is the phone is a pretend phone, made with soup cans and a piece of yarn. I, of course am an emotional basket case and can barely form words due to the fact that I cannot stop blubbering like a baby. This is exactly how it was the day both exes left me and I had no understanding as of why. How one day each of them could be so in tune with our relationship and the next, they would want me as far away as I could from me.

I don't get it. These dreams are crazy and they bring back the entire relationship and all of the pain it causes. Why do they keep coming back to me in these dreams and why do they keep telling me to get away and hurt so much with their awful words. I don't get it. I don't understand it. Did I do something to deserve this? :crying: I'm tired of hurting and am hoping maybe my dreams are here to help me find a way to get past this once and for all. Anyone have an idea? Thanks! :worry:

Jeff Edwards
SAN Luis Obispo
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