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Have faith

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

Have faith

Postby Beckels32 » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:02 am

I feel like this dream qualifies for a couple of these discussion topics but I will start here.
I have been having a reoccurring dream
The first time I had it was early December, it was pretty basic. Two separate paths in a dark forest that later join up in a sunny happy place. Now the past three nights I have had an evolved version of this dream that has a lot more detail which is as follows:
I am walking down a dark winding and covered forest path when I see a light ahead. I head towards that light. I look to the left and see my on again off again boyfriend (currently off again) stumbling down his own dark path heading towards the same lit path as me. We meet at the place where our paths join into a beautiful path of light. I look at him and a voice I have never heard says "Have faith". He then takes my hand and I feel a sense of completion and peace and we walk down the path of light together. There is also music playing in the background which seems familiar but I can never grasp what it is when I wake up. There are no words to the music and neither one of us speaks. Just the voice that says "Have faith". I then wake up at exactly 3:22am each time the dream ends.

Back story:
My on again off again boyfriend of 11 years and I went through a tough time in December which resulted in a mandatory separation. The first dream occurred at that time. We didn't speak for a month. Then we ended up reconciling but still living apart. Recently I found out he had still been cheating on me which has now broken us up once more. The night we broke up was the first time I had the evolved dream and the two nights after ending last night. We both feel we have things to work on separately and that we have spiritual paths to take.
I was upset with the situation but not dwelling on it. If you need further background information I can provide more clarity.

Research I have done:
Reoccurring dreams are a message that you need to hear and apply to your current situation. It recommended I look at the situation when the first dream occurred and when the second occurred and compare commonalities between the two to help with the message.
Waking up at the same time can be significant as well especially the time between 3-5am. Something about needing to pay attention to the message to be able to fulfill my higher purpose.
My ex also talks about 22 being a powerful number.
I know they will keep coming until I fulfill the purpose or integrate the message into my life but I'm just not sure what that message is exactly. It seems like a pretty literal dream to me but I also don't want to just interpret it literally. I did read about literal vs symbolic dreams and the detail and feeling I get from the dream seems to lean towards the literal type.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Have faith

Postby Athanor » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:03 pm

(Just to mention that I’ve posted this reply in both of the forums where your dream is found)

From the information that you’ve provided, and the fact that the dream has recurred most recently three nights in row, it looks like a very crucial turning point in your understanding is required.

While it would be best to have the memories, feelings and thoughts that come spontaneously to your mind about each image and event in the dream, a few basic ideas can still be tried out about the dream’s meaning during this upsetting time in your relationship.

For example, the dark forest with its winding, covered paths symbolizes your current unconsciousness about an important matter of some kind. The light seen represents a potential new “illumination” of awareness about some basic situation.

It looks like this issue is likely connected in some way to the long term relationship with your on again/off again boyfriend because the dream has specifically appeared and reappeared at crucial moments in that relationship.

As you’ve found out, dreams can be “objective” (i.e. related to external people and our relationships with them), or “subjective” (i.e. the persons who appear symbolize aspects of ourselves).

Sometimes, a dream can contain both objective and subjective elements.

Analyst Dr. Marie Louise von Franz who was a decades-long collaborator of the famous psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung describes in the book “The Way of the Dream” how to distinguish between mostly objective dreams from subjective dreams.

An example is given of a man who dreams his wife is stealing his car and he’s asking how do you determine if it’s referring to an outer problem in his marriage or a problem within himself. She writes:

“That is the most ticklish problem of all. The dreamer will often be inclined to think ‘There, you see, that’s exactly what she is doing. She is forever taking away my ways of moving about. She is always interfering’…

To interpret these dreams correctly, one has to know the whole marital situation and have an idea of the wife’s objective behaviour. Then one can evaluate whether it is a projection or whether it refers to the wife. Sometimes it refers to both…

Generally, I would say that about eighty-five percent of the dream motifs are subjective, and therefore I recommend interpreting most dreams subjectively. One should always ask ‘What is it in me that does that’ instead of taking the dream as a warning against other people.”

Analyst Mary Ann Mattoon in “Jung and the Human Psyche: An Understandable Introduction” adds that if the person’s image in the dream is an exact photographic likeness and not “different” from the outer person in any way, then it’s more likely that the dream is somehow commenting on the actual person and her or his relationship dynamic with the dreamer.

But if the person is “different” in any way, and especially if she or he is not really currently involved in the daily life of the dreamer, then this points to the image being mostly about an inner aspect of the dreamer.

So you’d have to carefully think over these points to try and see what your boyfriend mostly represents in the dream.

The idea that he could symbolize a part of yourself probably seems odd since you’re female and he’s male.

But generally speaking, the image of a male in the dreams of a woman usually represents her so-called “masculine” side which she unconsciously projects onto men she meets or is involved with.

This inner image is commonly formed by early experiences with her father and other male relatives, early boy playmates and later by male teachers etc. etc. A male has an equivalent inner image of what a female means to him as derived from his mother etc.

If a woman normally mostly uses her emotional/values side to make her main decisions in life, then it’s likely that her thinking “mind” side and intellectual analytical skills tend to be less developed.

So she might unconsciously rely on various general opinions, conclusions, precepts and beliefs etc. etc. that she’s picked up over the years when dealing with certain issues, but these might not fit her actual, real-life circumstances very well because they’re too broad and all-inclusive. For example, she might steadfastly believe “I must never think about myself and my own wishes but only about others and what they want”.

The first time you see your boyfriend in the dream, he’s to the left. Something that’s to the “left” or “behind” the dreamer normally represents something that’s in the dreamer’s unconscious about which she or he is unaware, so this also helps to support the idea that the image of your boyfriend in the dream is about an inner part of yourself.

In the dream, you and your boyfriend are on two paths which come together into one beautiful path of light. A voice says “Have faith”, he takes your hand and you feel a sense of completion and peace as you walk together down the path with music playing in the background.

From the subjective point of view, this would probably mean that a “uniting” or “marriage” between you and your inner masculine side is possible which could lead to a greater feeling of harmony in yourself (e.g. there’s music playing).

You don’t mention whether the voice was feminine or masculine, but either way, it could mean that the likely need to adopt an attitude of constantly stopping yourself and looking at an idea or opinion that pops into your head (e.g. to figure out if it actually fits the reality of your situation and therefore whether it’s valuable or not) could tend to be disruptive for a while until you’re able to master your “masculine” side more fully.

In addition, you might have to brush up on your assertiveness skills etc. in order to stand up for yourself and what you believe in even though doing so might sometimes tend to hurt the feelings of others.

So in order to get through all of this over time might indeed require “faith” to weather any storms and disruptions etc.

The end result might be that you could be more firmly independent and aware of yourself more deeply.

This could potentially allow you to eventually decide more consciously whether to try again with your boyfriend or to possibly move on to what might be a more stable and fulfilling relationship with another man at some point.

As you mentioned, the time of waking after the dream has been 3:22.

You can try the method mentioned above and gather spontaneous memories, thoughts and feelings while you take your time and play with focusing on different scenarios like 3:22 AM, 3:22 PM, just the number “322”, month (3) day (22), etc. etc. in order to see what comes to mind.

Doing this might provide a personal clue about why the dream has chosen to wake you at this precise moment.

If nothing seems to click about any memory etc. that comes to mind, it’s possible that the dream was just categorically emphasizing something like “It really is time to wake up about the need to get in touch with an important part of yourself”.

Anyway, without knowing anything much about you, this way of looking at your recurring dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope that these ideas can be helpful in some way.

Please make any comments or ask any questions about this interpretation that you’d like to.
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