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Separated from husband in a crowd

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

Separated from husband in a crowd

Postby Jade412 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:46 am

I'm having trouble figuring this one out but I woke really distressed so any insight would help.

I was supposed to meet my husband at a bridge at a certain time, but the bridge was so crowded I couldn't get to the meeting spot. I call him on his cell phone and he gives me a new meeting place which I have difficulty getting through the crowd to get there. I arrive to find he has just left. Along the way I also lose my phone so now I can't contact him to find him.

In th dream, I keep thinking I should just go home and meet him there, but I have no way to find him or reach him to tell him that and I worry he will continue waiting for me - in some place I can't find or get to.

My main distress was not fear, it was worry about communicating with him as though he would feel I abandoned him or would continue to wait for me while k was home. He was also cheerful and upbeat the entire time, I was the one feeling worried.

I checked the dictionary about crowds and couldn't cone up with fighting to get through one. The bridge was so crowded I couldn't cross it. And finally I was searching for him as he casually changed our meeting spot. I was feeling stress trying to arrive on the time I agreed to and there were so many barriers in the way, while at any time I could have quit sear hing since it seemed so useless anywah and gone home.

Any ideas would be appreciated! TIA
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DM Lurker
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