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Ex and her "friend"

Are you dreaming of your crush, your significant other, your spouse, or your ex? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Share your dream experience with others and what advice you have for those who are having such dreams.

Ex and her "friend"

Postby nightwing » Sat Mar 04, 2017 12:49 am

So I had a dream about my ex and her guy friend. We were in Church with my family. And I started arguing with my ex and she just laughed at me and said I was crazy. Then she left and I was facing down her guy friend. Everyone in the church, family and strangers, just stared at me but they did nothing to intervene. And the guy friend just smiled at me sadistically, he seemed amused at seeing me and my ex fall apart. There was no confrontation with him, just epic staring. Any thoughts?

Ok so now the real life story. We dated six years. This guy friend was an ex crush of my ex girlfriend but he turned her down. It seemed like he was out of the picture but surfaced late in our relationship. He would talk on her Facebook posts so much and she accused me of being jealous and secretive when I asked about him. Then one time she took space and gave him a special gift. When we reconciled I didn't know about this until she posted on Facebook a picture of the gift. Then she broke up again, and liked some of his pictures. I messaged him just to clear things up and he was so rude to me. Every day since then I've vented up so much anger and I wanted to say something to him but I have been trying so hard to be the bigger person. She has not messaged me since accusing me of being creepy and obsessive. Even though it's been more than half a year since the break up, I still wish things could be different. But it's just so hard to move on... and today (after the dream) I had a few break downs... I've been happy lately, and doing my best, but today was different.
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