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Waking up in a sweat

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Waking up in a sweat

Postby strikea0238 » Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:09 pm

So there are two recurring dreams I am having. Both dreams are causing me to wake up in a panic and sweaty. Come to think of it, since there has been this much drama in my real life, I have been waking up in a sweat a lot but I do not remember or I did not have a dream. A little background first...I was recently engaged but began to suspect and see all the warning signs of infidelity in our relationship. We have since called off the wedding and I am trying to work on our relationship but I am not so sure she is willing to meet me in the middle. She says that she has never cheated and always has been good to me. So that being said....

The first dream involves me being an invisible third party and witnessing my girlfriend and the person I suspect she is cheating with. They are not doing anything inappropriate in the dream but they are none the less together and interacting in a more than friendly manner. The interesting thing about this dream is that the guy in the dream is very unattractive to anyone's standards but she is still with him. So....?????

The second dream involves me being a victim in a shooting. I am not sure who shoots me but I get shot in the chest all the way through. I am wearing a white shirt and bleeding uncontrollably. For some reason my mom is there and is trying to take care of me and stop the bleeding but I will not allow it. I just let it bleed. I never die in the dream nor am I in much pain. So....???

Anyone have any insight on what these might mean? I have heard before that you can not take dreams literally and they usually mean something completely opposite of what they seem.

Re: Waking up in a sweat

Postby Mad*N » Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:28 pm

I'm no expert but i'll give it a go i've been analysing my own dreams so...

Firstly i have a couple of questions What parts of them are touching? what parts did you focus on? Are there any significant colours or words? What makes him so unattractive? these would give more insite!

I think the fact that you are shot and there is so much blood is a warning sign that you are being self distructive in some way or another. The fact that you do not let your mother deal with the blood shows you are aware of your own strength and are aware of her concern but feel competent to handle your fears and the situation. Emotional abuse can translate into bloody wounds the worse the wound the stronger the emotion/abuse. If it was the chest or upper body this is linked with the mind and spiritual aspect of your character. Was it on the left? or right? Left = Logic, Right = Intuition heart = feeling rather than thought, again colours will be important. The fact that you were invisable means that you are not ready to face the knowledge/truth or understanding, you are avoiding/neglecting an unrecognised part of yourselfor the stuation. To watch but not interact means you need to carefull consider certain aspects of your life and you are especially concerned with the public part of it all ie what others see. Also indicates towards fears of sexuality, you need to follow your intuition but don't blur your perception look at it unbiased also from her point of view. Viewing him so ugly highlights issues with masculinity, maybe you are unsure of yourself and your status within the relationship. Also of his role hence your question loud and clear what does she see in him? why is she interested? what qualities does he have that i haven't? he may represent characteristics of yourself that you are not comfortable with or dislike. Try to understand the connection between them! what are your views of her, how do you feel? No anger, frustration gives you an insite are you really mad at her or just unsure of yourself? Is she the cause for concern or are you afraid of the committment/next step or loosing her? Take note of feelings these are very important as they often carry the strongest message.

Hope it helps, I wish you luck i hope all goes well for you and your fiance.


Re: Waking up in a sweat

Postby brenda36 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:35 am

Maybe you have cheated and because of that you feel she's gonna do it to, you think aboute it so much that your dreaming aboute it, I dont want to accuse you... maybe you cheated on someone in the past or even her but it definitely has to do with insecurity.....

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