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Dreams of Murder

PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:01 am
by Emma
The other night I had spate of dreams where I was with friends (although not people I actually know), and I found body that had its legs and head cut off. I also saw the murderer running off.
The next one was similar but i was walking down a street with my boyfriend (again not actual boyfriend) and I found someone taking photographs of another body, when I got closer they ran off and I sw on the ground a dismembered head and lots of blood.

What do these symbolise?

Re: Dreams of Murder

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:21 am
by universalb05
I had the most crazy dream myself last night, it was dark and I was outside somewhere I have no idea where but I remeber seeing a tunnel like bridge and the night was kinda misty with wet leaves on the ground, I had seen a girl walking on the side of the road where I happened to be driving by, I picked her up and she took me to this dorm or cabin point was it was her place of residence, when we got there there was this guy there and she cliamed the he was the one who had killed her and she wanted me to help her get her life back by killing him, now as Im typing this right now I think I am understanding what my dream meant and I think it could mean something to your dream, well as we were standing there in front of this guy, we had killed him I dont remember how or ever putting my hands on him or pulling a gun or any type of weapon, but I know we had killed him and with that happening the girls parents walked in and saw what I had done, so I explained to them what he had done, and I let them know that I had saved thier daughter's life. After that I found myself running through that dark tunnel I had seen before and now the guys spirit was chasing me, asking me to give him his life back, when I turned around I saw my fiance, the guy I killed was my fiance! then I realized, he had taken my life and I came to take it back. at that moment I woke up from my dream. I guess what this meant was because me and my fiance have been through so much in the past 2 years, I had left him this past feb. '08' due to his excessive drinking and how he would fight with me real bad to the point were he would put his hads on me, but we talked bout it and he promised never to drink again, we just got back together this sept. '08' and well he's not drinking as much but he does have his weekend drink and its been ok, but I have told myself that if I got back with him and it would be the same problem again this time I was here to get the years I waisted with him back, in other words I would work my ass off to get everything I need to prepared and leave this time for good, but he knows I will leave in a flash this time, so any time we have a little fight he right away says sorry and we actually talk about it, which is good now, so I guess my dream meant that we both have killed the past and we are ready to move on. we both believe we are meant for each other, I believe your dream is telling you that you keep looking at dismembered dead people, so I feel that is telling you that what ever you were looking for is in the wrong places, and therefore are dead, in other words you keep looking in the same spots for that person and you need to let it go search in a new place where that person is waiting for you to find him, the dismembered part is saying that he ist all there, and the one who you see running is the person you need to follow, cause thats the one you need to go get, see where he is gonna take you, let him take you there and stop following the ones that are not all there if you know what I mean. I hope hit home just a lil bit, get back at me and tell me what you thought bout this.