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My boyfriends dream about me . . .

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

My boyfriends dream about me . . .

Postby Desiree » Sun Sep 14, 2008 10:35 pm

My boyfreind has be having weird dreams and would like to know what they mean ???

They are in the same day,

The first on is : Him and I are walking own the street and then someone comes after us abd tries to stab me he take the hit and feels the pain as if real and keeps getting stabed over and over

The next it: Nice and calming just him and I and caring and cute. But when he wakes up he feels I am waking him up but there is no one there whe he wakes up.

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