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Bright flash of light and absolute terror

PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:45 am
by bmcanin
Maybe someone on here will be able to help me.... i hope. I remember i was driving in my truck down a side street of my own street and i had left my dad behind on the side of the road to go get something...i dont remember what exactly. As i was driving down this curvy road it was night and as i looked into the bed of the truck there was a small kitten just staring at me, not being affected at all by the wind or the movements of the vehicle. I turned back around and i was on my own street and i remember looking beside me and seeing a child sitting in the passenger seat and all the sudden he jumped out of the now slow moving vehicle. I was driving beside him asking him to get back into the truck when he said "will there be coffee?" I know i know i even felt a little weird when he said that, but before i could respond, i heard a huge explosion and turned around and around the bend of the road was a huge bright fire-like light that seemed to be getting closer. I remember feeling terrified at this light and was begging the child to get back into the truck but when i turned around he was gone. I turned back around and the light was still getting closer. I have been scared before but i have never felt this amount of terror in waking life or sleeping dreams. Can someone please help me interpret this dream please?