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I DIE. Always.

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

I DIE. Always.

Postby alwaysagunafterme » Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:11 am

2 or 3 days every week I die. I die - and get this strange feeling I cannot describe when I die.

Some people are telling me that it is not possible to dream that you are killed, but instead you wake up just before, in this case before the bullet goes into the body. But it is possible - I am dreaming it...(?)

I am always being killed by a man (one time it was my ex - boyfriend), chasing me with a gun. Always a gun. I do usually not know this person, but he is always chasing me a long time before he finds me - and when he do, he shoots me either in my heart or head. Somethimes he ask me what I prefer. I dream this dream very often, maybe 2 or 3 times every week - for many years now. So, kind of the same dream, but in different circumstances.
I am so tired of it...donĀ“t know what to do... :pacing:

Re: I DIE. Always.

Postby chikitita » Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:39 am

i have two theories on this. one you could be experiencing something that happened from a past life and was traumatic and you are still processing it. The other thing i want to say is i have had some similar dreams about a man chasing me and killing me. this may not apply to you. But i was against marriage for many years and avoided long term commitments i felt they would destroy my sense of individuality. Before i fell in love and married my husband i dreamed i was finally caught and killed by a man. for me i was fear of commitment. generally when someone is chasing you it is a problem you are not dealing, and dieing means you have to change some attitudes.

Re: I DIE. Always.

Postby dreamingalways » Fri Oct 24, 2008 9:08 am

dude, thats really creepy. :heartpump: How do I post my story/dream thing?

Re: I DIE. Always.

Postby hope » Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:56 pm

i gotten killed? before in my dream. a teenager put three bullets into my tummy. it was very unexpected. i saw the blood gashing out of me. then, i had to convince myself that i was not dead yet. i tried to figure out why i was killed.

Re: I DIE. Always.

Postby soulfullook » Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:56 pm

I too have died in my dreams, one time my spirit saw my body being devoured by a creature.
take it for what its worth, i hope it will be a light of peace and resolvment for the disturbance that its caused you, Only God knows!
The potentieality of being threatened by someone close to you, someone whom you would want to trust, perhaps someone not known to you yet, this person who you would be intimate with as a boyfriend or a close friend.holding something powerful over you like a weapon , sometimes that can come in the appearance of the diclosure of personal information you would nt want to get out to indiviuals or the general public.It becomes so scarry to you that you feel it could take your very exsistance away from you, and life would never be the same again. maybe there is unresolved emotional conflict from a previous person who has done some wounding to you in this manner?
If you hold secrets and have shared them and have been hurt by it and now afraid this could happen again and again my opinion would be to expose yourself to the one you truley want to keep the secret from do this with a humble a repentful heart, now no one has any more power over you. and anyone who would judge you better becareful beause at somepoint they will be judged by the some measure they dish out to others, nobody is perferct.

Re: I DIE. Always.

Postby soulfullook » Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:32 pm

I went back and reread your post and forgotten some of the detail so also to say becuase of the long term chase and running it will eventually catch up with you and so since you feel its so inevitable face it with courage and speak to it and say you will not have my heart becuase my heart dose not belong to me alone it is shared with others with unconditional love,(Maybe even God, the keeper of all hearts. ) and as far as surrendering your head, what? to mental illness, is that what the damage from the weapon will be , do not accept it, say no!!! give your enemy in your dream no foot hold give him no amunition to hold over you, In biblical scripture it say that you can wear a symbolic armour there is talk of a helmet for the head it has a name, (Ephesians 6: 17 ). Look what your enemy is after, look what he wants, don't give in, don't surrender, use your thoughts and words to dispell the lies of captivity only you should capture, with the truth, a sword of truth, so your heart and mind will walk in the way of truth and life. and death will not conqure you.

Re: I DIE. Always.

Postby Happyslappy » Thu Oct 30, 2008 8:49 am

good thing im a necrophiliac

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