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AH, reoccuring dream, plz give advice:)

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

AH, reoccuring dream, plz give advice:)

Postby JessRosetta » Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:12 am

Ok this dream started in 2005. I havn't had it in a while but i still am so curious.
Ok when i start to fall asleep (it feels like im still awake cuz i see my surrounding) i feel threatened. Its weird. Its like i cant move. I try and wake myself up. My friends hear me breathing real heavy and get worried. I feel like theres a man in the room. The first time i had it, i had a feeling someone was in the closet (haha sorry its kinda gay) and i force myself to wake up cuz i feel threatened. I thought my house was haunted but its not that. Cuz i moved to arkansas for 5 months and i had the same thing happen at my grandmas. I woke up (well i guess i was 1/2 asleep) and i looked over to the archway and there was a shadow of a man. I get so scared and i force myself to wake up. Ok then in tennesee a month later i had one on mydads couch and i felt like the guy was near and i freaked out and it took me a bit to wake up. When i returned to ohio i had it again but this night was the scariest. I felt like he was near so i forced myself to wake up. then 2 min's later i fell back asleep (trying not to) and i didn't see anyone but my blanket moved off of my pants and i felt like he was trying to violate me (i guess tahts what its called) so i forced myself to wake up and slept in bed with a friend. I was so cared. The last times i had it was when i was 18. Im 20 now but thats not the point, im still scared to fall asleep..still! I read this thing on the internet that said dont avoid him just act not scared. So the first time that night he was in the room and i got all numb but i managed to get up and run down the stares. well he pulled me back up it..i fought to awaken finally, scared to DEATH. and then 3 min's later he was in there again and i chased him! then they stopped happening (almost). I dont know what caused them but they were scary. I think i've had one in the past 2 yrs but im not sure if i felt a guy was around. I never seen him but that was by far the scariest thing in my life. it happened for like 2 years every month!!! someome tell me wtf it was please. Sorry this is so long! :wave:

Re: AH, reoccuring dream, plz give advice:)

Postby chikitita » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:13 am

this dream shows you feel unsettled insecure and that is a way of nasties getting into your dream realm, it's like leaving the back door open to your subconsious, the simplest thing to do is ask for protection and guidance when you are in the dream state. Everybody has a guardian and free will dictates nobody can help you unless you ask. So ask for protection. It's much easier than trying to explain why this happens. When we have intense drama in our lives certain types feed off the fear. So close that backdoor and ask for protection.not everything is symbolic, things could be from the past, future warnings, premonitions. it's not just fraudian analysis. There are other dimensions out there and sometimes we go to places we shouldn't without realising it, hence the guardians. (i call them the dream police)

Re: AH, reoccuring dream, plz give advice:)

Postby JessRosetta » Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:36 am


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