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Recently killed mom, not a normal nightmare please help

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Recently killed mom, not a normal nightmare please help

Postby otherworldly_paegan » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:26 am

Before I start this off, I would like to mention I had only been asleep about 45 minutes before waking from this. So I was in what I assume stage 4 sleep.
(There was some things that happened before this but I knew that part was a dream and it’s separate not even in this house so I thought THAT was the dream and this one was me conscious)

I was in my room chilling during the day, a sunny one. And even as these little... odd things... discomforting disturbances in the atmosphere visually and vibe wise I felt... I searched for oddities but still no I felt I was conscious not a dream. And I get this gut fear but I can’t tell it’s fear yet, and I walk out of my room towards the front door through and when I get to the Fourier hallways, I turn around and see something I can’t even re visualize, shadowy and warpy and that’s when it hit me that something was WRONG and it went through my head “I just died in my room...?” And I hear this voice.... a grungy raspy deep almost burpy voice/ but also sounding like my mom just so warped is loudly behind me saying “Hannah” slowly over and over.... I see what’s like a blanket of darkness from behind cloud me and I’m almost grabbed, I begin spinning falling backwards and I struggle to see what the fuck it is doin this and in a jerky constant peripheral chasing image it’s her right in my face saying hannah ... Hannah.... in that voice, Her face was wrong I don’t know what the fuck it was but it was WRONG not her EVIL. It was a monster voice and the way it radiates through my body sent terror with every wavelength. The voice was trancing me into what felt like a bad trip death or some shit.. I was falling like I fainted it seemed like and then the cloud grabbing me like arms with blankets but more and blacked. Her face was blurred and pale and it was jerking so quickly like it was avoiding my vision staying in my peripheral no matter how far I jerked to see it fully. It was mimicking her voice. It kinda reminded me of when I was a baby and a young child and she would make this deep raspy spooky voice like “hooo ... hooo... hooo” then she’d “get” me and would nibble tickle pretend bite my legs... I felt no comfort from this. Only fear. And pure terror and panic and then black and I wake up shaking. Can’t shake this uncontrollable terror and
Sobbing...... it was NOT a normal dream and I’ve had near death mauling experiences and this was scarier than even those. I have NEVER had a dream like this so vivid and me not be able to tell it was a dream. It happened so fast. Any answers to if it’s a nightmare or a night terror .... and what the fuck it could’ve been. Please
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