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Being kidnapped and killing my captors

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Being kidnapped and killing my captors

Postby junesong » Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:10 am

I'm having frequent nightmares about being kidnapped. I am going through a very rough time in my life. There's a recurring theme, but it's never the same dream.

The one I had today took place in what seemed to be my childhood home. I was in a group of strangers whom I did not recognize, and I felt as if my mother was there. You were all tied up with rope and figures dressed in black hoods we're telling us what we needed to do. It felt like a game at first, because they were telling us that if we played the game, we would make it out alive. I witnessed one girl being murdered. I don't know who she was but it enraged me in my dream and I began to try to break free of the rope.

Our captors were armed with knives, and I could feel them slice into me. It was a stinging, burning pain and I honestly enjoyed it. It only fueled my rage. I was able to break free of the rope and I stole a knife from one of the figures. I vividly remember taking the knife and pressing it up against his throat until it completely gave way and he started bleeding. It gave me great joy to have hurt someone that hurt me.

I don't remember setting anyone else free I only remember that I was the last one left in the room. I killed everyone else and I walked out into would seem to be the kitchen.

There was a man sleeping in what was my bedroom as a child. He was a large man and he was always asleep. I remember him having a cell phone and I could hear it ringing. I have the feeling that the man did I first injured was trying to get ahold of him to let him know what I was doing. He never got up out of his bed and try to hurt me, but I felt very nervous that he was going to wake up and capture me. He was in my childhood bed and that made me very anxious. I do not recognize the man, only the anxiety that he gave me.

I got hold of the phone, and as soon as I did the man woke up. He did not see me, as I was trying to hide as best as I could. I was thinking a lot to myself at this time and I knew that I had the keys to my car, which was in the driveway. I knew that I had to leave and I knew that I had to do it very quietly.

I can remember reveling in the joy and accomplishment that I had from killing my captors. For the past two or three nights, I've been involved in my dreams as a murderer. The people that I kill always seem to try to kill me first. I can always feel people that I know present, but usually I can't see them.

To sum up the dream, I got outside and I was getting into my car. I remember feeling the cold blood on my shirt and I was worried that it wasn't going to come out in the washing machine. I turned to see the large man on the porch looking at me. I did not feel anxiety or fear whenever I saw him. He asked me if I was leaving and I said, "Yes I'm going home now."
He asked me if he could leave with me. I was very untrusting of him and I asked him several times if he was sure that he was not going to hurt me when he got into the car with me. he reassured me that he was not going to do anything because he never wanted to be involved in the first place. So I started driving him home and I woke up.

I decided to post this because I seem to keep having these murder spree dreams. Only at some points do I feel like they're nightmares. Most of the time in the dream I feel accomplished and also nervous and I'm going to be caught? It's hard to explain. I've never had dreams like this before, and definitely never this vivid. I feel strange when I wake up and realize that everything was a dream.

I hope you enjoy this read and I hope to stop having these recurring murder dreams. :)
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