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Black mist, chains, death, and ruins

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Black mist, chains, death, and ruins

Postby weatherman2018 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:12 pm

It starts with me driving my truck in in a familiar part of town, i have a friend in my truck, and 2 more friends following behind me in another car. As we approach the intersection of that i've driven thru 1000 times, a darkness falls over everything. Like a black mist. I can't see anything except the head lights of other cars and the traffic light. I stop at the light as it turns red. When it turns green, I turn left and start heading towards the the center of town. I quickly notice that the buildings i can see are ruins, crumbling bricks, the road is more of an ally, cracked, covered in holes, and dead weeds growing through the cracks. I hear a phone conversation of my friends that were following me, but I no longer see them and I'm in a different car so i couldn't understand why i could hear their phone call. They said they saw me turn, but they got caught by a red light, which is odd b/c we were both caught by the light, and the light then turned green. They told the friends we were supposed to meet they they no longer see my truck, and they didn't know where they were supposed to go. When we get to the Restaurant at the center of town, me and my friend get out of the truck, and she disappears into this darkness, this black mist. I run inside, and the mist goes away, light returns, and everyone is looking at me like im crazy...no one noticed this black mist but me

I assumed my imagination got away from me, so i decide to walk to the gas station across the street and get a drink b/c the one i had was almost empty. I step outside, nothing happens, i enter the gas station, nothing happens. Then the clerk starts harassing me saying i didn't pay for the drink, and i explained I came in with that drink and he saw me walk in with it...we argue, i lose my temper at him, start yelling, shove the receipt for that drink in his face and tell him i already paid for it. Then the black mist falls again. Then these chains with spikes come from nowhere and wrap around my arms and legs pulling me in all directions. the clerk doesn't seem to see whats happening. The spikes on the chains dig into my skin, and my skin begins to crack, turn black and fall off....turning to ash before it hits the ground....this continues until nothing is left of me but ash and bone. Suddenly, i'm back in restaurant and again know one notices what has happened

I then turn to my friend and beg her to come with to the gas station, and she refuses...saying she doesn't want to, but i beg until she comes with me. As we start across the street, the darkness falls again, and before i can run back inside, the chains grab me again. They grabbed my friend too, and start to pull her away from me. I fight to break free but as i do, those crumbling brick walls, like what i saw before, form between us. Chains keep coming after me, and i keep breaking free, but my skin starts to turn black and crack again. i break through wall after wall trying to reach my friend, who is screaming in a blood curdling way, and yelling "I told you not to bring me, its all your fault" over and over again. Finally i break through a wall just before i completely turn to ash, and I'm back in the restaurant. I look back at where i came from, and its just a door, light returns, and my friend who i just heard scream is fine, gives me a strange look and ask "what's wrong with you today"....my alarm woke me up at this point (thank God)

This is the darkest, and freakiest dream i've ever had and i don't know what dream interpretation is all about, but clearly these thoughts came from my own head and i have no idea why...or why they manifested in such a dark and terrifying way. Any idea what this all means
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