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They just kept screaming...

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

They just kept screaming...

Postby lunarshangrila » Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:52 pm

Alright, well, first post, and I figure this specific board might be what I use most often seeing as I have chronic nightmares--I digress, though. The specific nightmare I had last night... I woke up more confused and intrigued than anything, though I'm pretty sure that's only because I'm desensitized to my nightmares and the like at this point, but it's lingered on in my mind. It might be messy chronologically, but it's vivid and fresh in my mind, so I'll type it as it played out. I'm also putting it under a spoiler tag because it might be a little long.

[Reveal] Spoiler:
How it started out was interesting enough, I was in the kitchen of my house. I use "I" loosely, as I was someone else, but I was in their perspective. Room dimly lit, it had the set up that I made for my fiance and mine's Valentine dinner, except it was only the four lit tealight candles in the center of the table around the incense burner. And there was burning incense going. Instead of the oil burner I had that night for more light, there was an Asian styled floor lamp. I'd say something like this, if you can click links to look at images.

I had a sword--why, I wasn't sure--and I decided to walk down the hallway of my house, towards the back. The farther I walked, my house became more of a traditional Japanese household--a Minka, with the paper sliding doors and the like. When I reached what should have been my parents' bedroom, it was still shaped like the bedroom in question... But instead had the structure of that traditional Japanese household. Floating above the tatami mat floors, were five individuals. Two children--about 13 or 14 years old, an adult, another child of that same young teenager age, and another adult. All of them were boys / men. In that order. I was confused, even more so when large playing cards materialized and spun around the five people. It acted as a shield of sorts, before I knew it, the five people woke up with glowing yellow eyes and murdered me.

I woke up back in my kitchen. It was weird. It happened in a loop, eventually I learned to take a kitchen table chair to use as a buffer between my enemies. And use what I found out was a sort of gunblade to shoot down some of the large, rotating playing cards so I could properly fight the three children and two adults. One of the adults liked to suddenly disappear down the hallway and attempt to hit me from behind--and he honestly seemed more demonic than human despite his appearance. I noticed, when I fully arrived in the room, in the corners there were red spider lilies planted, and though there was no light source, there was the same dim glow to this room. There were two more floor lamps at the entrance to the room, though, but it didn't reach inside.

The room grew more grotesque as I kept dying, you could see bloodstains on the paper walls, but that was all. Something else to note was that they kept screaming at me, all of them except the adult I mentioned seemed more demonic than human and kept trying to hit me from behind. He was... Eerily silent. They all kept pleading with me to tell them why I got to receive the power (see: gunblade and magic) I did, demanding to explain to them why they couldn't receive it. They all wailed about the reasons they should've gotten it, they all sounded so distraught and it was extremely disheartening. But I was as clueless as them. Just before I had woken up, the verbal four of the five had cornered me, going in to attack whilst screaming at me. And right as I woke up, I locked eyes with the silent man--whose eyes now shone a bright crimson amongst all my bloodshed, a dark aura flowing off him in tendrils.

I haven't even the foggiest idea what any of that could REMOTELY mean or point to. If anyone else does, kudos to you. I just thought I'd place it here for logging and requesting potential assistance.
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