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Hawaii School Trip

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Hawaii School Trip

Postby gracie1111 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:10 pm

I was only in Grade 1 when I had this nightmare, I am now in my mid 40's and it is still fresh in my mind.
In my dream, my best friend at the time had slept over at my house. We woke up late and was in a frantic rush. We had to make it to the school in 30 minutes to catch the school bus. Our class was going on a field trip to Hawaii (sounds fantastic right?). Well, we were walking to the school which in reality was only 15 minutes from my house. We were about 5 minutes away when my friend decided to go the different turn (which in reality is an extra 5 minutes away) and said " I'll race you there!". I went the straight shorter way, but when I got there, the school bus was leaving. I tried running after it but it never stopped. I walked the other direction to find my friend but she was also gone. So I walked back home. When I got to my street, I was in Hawaii and my house looked like an Hawaiian resort. The resort looked empty, except for an unusual unfriendly large Hawaiian man staring at me at the front entrance. I walked past him to see if there was anyone else there. I went up the stairs and I found my friend, chopped up in pieces but still crawling around crying for help. There was blood and guts everywhere. I screamed and kept running up the stairs, yelling for help. I get to the top hallway and there is more blood and guts - this time, it's my older sister in the same predicament. No one else is around, I am in a bloody nightmare! I run back down the stairs screaming for help and I end up in the kitchen. I see my mom, dad, middle sister and dog. I'm screaming for their help but they don't see me or hear me. My dog is barking and looking at me but my family still doesn't see me - they tell my dog to be quiet. It felt like there was a veil separating us but I could still see and hear them clearly. I give up on them and run back to the main entrance. The man is still the only one standing there but he does nothing but stare. I run out the entrance to call for other help, I see some family friends. Instead they are pointing at me and laughing. The man comes up from behind me and slits my throat with a knife and the friends are still laughing and pointing at me. I feel like I'm dying.....
Then I wake up gargling in my throat. Such a horrible nightmare that still haunts me to this day. How could such an innocent young child have such a nightmare? My family life was not of violence and I had friends. I was a happy active child, slighly shy but with no serious self confidence issues? Any insight or comments to such a dream?
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