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Nightmare dream about someone else

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:51 am
by cddow
I had a dream last night about a girl I know with lots of drug issue. In my dream she was in a room with 3 triplet young girl who were evil. They looked evil , talked evil. The girl I know(Mel) she came to me later in the dream to tell me she has stolen these evil girl cell phones. Later on in my dream we were with these 3 girls in a room with Mel and I slowly walked away leaving this girl I know (Mel) alone with these 3 evil triplets. I left walking out and saw worry in the face of Mel. These 3 evil girl ended up murdering her because Mel had stole their cell phones and they brought Mel's ashes to me in a urn. After this I was able to fly which I'm able to do a lot of times in my dreams. once flying I felt I was flying away In a scared way and then it changed to not scared but fun, I was enjoying being able to fly and land and takeoff flying again.

Can someone tell me what this dream meant about this girl Mel?