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Demon computer

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Demon computer

Postby xXStaRawRXx » Thu Jan 31, 2019 5:49 am

So, this is the only section that this dream will qualify under. Well this part of a dream I desperately want to understand.

Early in the dream I was with the wolves who said they will protect me. Well now I'm back at the house I was away from to begin with. Then I'm at the family desk computer on a Google hangouts call with my internet friend (been friends for a year and a few months now) and he was at his computer desk as usual (his camera was on). I was scrolling through my photos on my tablet that looked like old drawings never finished so I turned my camera on to show him ( desk computer doesn't have a camera, I was combining the fact my laptop did most likely)( but before i do theres this little like mini scene where i draw on the drawing more painting my left hand fingers red through a fishnet like cloth.) then the call started blotching and it turned black n white. There was this demon, kinda looked like krampus but I never saw the movie to be sure. But it was white and muscular, black eyes, and horns like a rams ( big,bulky, and curled in one curl). Then on the computer it started changing the angle and the demon was mimicking my friends moves of eating... I thought maybe my friend could still hear me and I said "hey gravy,IMA go,I'll call you later." Then the demon looked at me, I pretended to turn the monitor off then I tried to push x, then I turned the monitor off but the call was still there so I laid the monitor face down. I ran away from it to a door of the room my parents were in screaming help then my dad was grumbling "ok" but I turn towards the stairs and say "we need the wolves, the wolves will protect us!" Then I how and then my alarm clock wakes me up.

So please help me interpret this, I looked at the individual meanings of computer,demons,and wolf but I can't piece it together. During my waking life recently I've been dealing with drama of three close friends. Alex ( now boyfriend), mackai ( is hurt I turned him down then dating alex and I keep breaking promises) and Rodney ( internet friend from dream and I am mean to him by how I say things sometimes...)... This info may help the dreams interpretation?... Idk :crying:
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DM Lurker
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