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Wierd recurring dream that has me worried

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:29 am
by Fendiii
So every time I’ve had this dream it plays out exactly the same but with minor details that change sometimes it feels like I have control in the dream and other times I’m stuck how it always starts is I’m at a friends house no one particular that I know and it’s the three of us in her room all girls it’s gloomy in the room and extremely dark outside it almost feels like it’s raining but it isn’t and I’ll be on the bed on my phone all the sudden I get a weird feeling in my mouth all my teeth become loose and start falling out I let them drip out my mouth and react calm because I know it’s only a dream even though I feel the sensation not all my teeth completely fall out I’m always left with a few in the front and it feels uncomfortable talking so I don’t talk my mouth goes numb then I the front door starts rattling someone is trying to get in the knob keeps turning but I don’t leave the room only my friend does I’m guessing the one who’s house it is and then I get up to grab something to protect myself I always pick different items at this part this last time I picked up a hammer the time before that a bat so then I still stay in the room because I have no idea what’s going on and they do I have a feeling that they know exactly who’s at the door it’s not just a random person so finally he gets in and my friends are sent into another room in front of mine in the dreams before he never looked through the house to see if anyone esle was there with the two of them but this time he did and he turned on the light and told me to stand in the doorway that he wants to be able to see me while he took them into the next room I never see what’s going on and there’s barely any noise made when the two of them and him are in the other room idk why he doesn’t try to take me and the whole time I’m on my phone and he doesn’t feel threatened by that either I never try calling the cops but I do text an actual person in my phone to come get me a guy that always gives me rides in real life then this is where the dream changes from the other times usually the main girl the one who went to the door rushes into the room and says we have to go because she stabbed him and that are other friend is dead and from there I always leave and get picked up in the dream so I never thought it was scary but this time while she was in the room I got a text to my phone from a guy that I have had relations with in real life it’s around 3 in the morning and he texts me to ask me where am I he’s a celebrity so I only hear from him every now and then I told him I was with my friends and that I needed a Uber right now if he wanted me to go see him but then I realize that even thou the name in my phone was saved under his that it wasn’t his number then I realized I was texting the same guy in the other room when he texted back asking me weird questions about other people I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about so that part is kind of a blur but after wards I knew it was him because he came into the room I was in holding a knife coming for me taunting me that he killed my friend but again I see the main girl behind him about to stab him now I’ve had this part of the dream happen once before n she actually stabbed him and we got to escape this time he turned around and basically said no and stabbed her like if he knew that what was gonna happen like he’s getting smarter from the last dream so from there I felt it in my gut I was so scared and I had the hammer still in my hand but my fear overwhelmed me my stomach sank that I woke up so fast like I had just blinked my eye before he could stab me . I don’t know how to interpret this but I wanna hear someone else’s opinion I woke up and wrote this because I have been on this site before for this same dream looking at the meaning for my teeth falling out I tried to include everything I remember I know it’s a few small parts I’m missing but any feedback would be appreciated