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Old nightmare that still haunts me

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:22 pm
by Johnsomething
When i was 9—11 years old i had a nightmare,i cant remember my exact age,it was very real i didn't knew it was a nightmare,i remember waking up in my room by a strong wind sound the window was half open and there was a red/orange light coming out of it,i exit the room,notice that there is no one home,go downstairs to the kitchen everything looks old and dirty,the house was different but still the same structure,i open the door into the hall that conects the garage and the backyard and in the gate i see dead people just standing there screaming in pain and trying to get in,they are burnt rotted and just mutilated,they dont have eyes just a two bloody holes,ripped ou nose and cuts in their mouths that make them look like they're smiling,the sky is red and it is really hot,i run to to the third floor of the backyard part of the house go to the porch where i can see all the backyard i see them coming in like a dozen of them,they quickly find me and i jump off the balcony and die,ok so far it sounds like a really horrifying nightmare but them i see videos of people talking about seeing the same creatures in the influence of drugs (datura) and also in their dreams too,like someone explain that shit to me please