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pediatrist nightmare and a Doom 3 based weird dream

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:38 am
by Space and Time
So lets start with my first nightmare I'd like to introduce for interpretation:

Nightmare #1 - Pediatrist Nightmare
In my childhood, waking life, I was kind of afraid going to the doctor (pediatrist) when I felt sick/ill, speciality when my neck is infected and hurt. The scary part was when the doctor needs to take virus samples from the inner of my throat because it felt very unpleaseant and thus my mind generated phobia on this.

So the dream is kinda short, and It's like kind of those hospital horror movies.

* It all started with a girl (Looked yonger than me) sitting on the doctor bed with that white paper (I'm viewing it all from 3rd person perspective), as doctor approached with a stick to take virus samples from the throat, just when the doctor put the stick to take virus sample I suddently switched to 1st person view of the girl, and started to feel extremely uncomfortable and painfull in my throat, and then I woke up, realising It's all just a bad dream.

And move on to the second dream:

Dream #2 - Doom guy on a abandoned space ship
So you guys are familiar with the popular indie game - The Doom series, where you get to play as the *** kicking doom guy to Rip & Tear demons in your path?

So yeah, back then I only just got introducted to that series, and the first ever doom game that I knew back then was only Doom 3, which seemed to take more of an Horror genre approace, but you still carry an arsenal of powerfull weaponary to blast any scary monsters (Demons) that stands in your way.

So without further ado - Lets get into the dream.

A fairly very short dream
* I was in the body of the doom guy from Doom 3 (The marine it was named in that specific game), carrying a shotgun, except that I'm not in mars, I'm in some sort of really weird large space ship, seemingly abandoned, floating randomly in the deep cosmos. Another weird part is, I was just standing there, maybe taken 2 steps, but there are like no any demonic encounter at all, I was completely alone in that ship.

It's not really that much of an nightmare, but I didnt hesistate but to share it anyway.