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Blurry faced tall dark figure force me out of my dreams

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:52 am
by IOP
Hi :)

I am new to this and have never looked into my dreams before, so my knowledge is very limited. I hope you can help me understand my nightmares that haunts me. I'm a 30 year old man with a wife, a child and one on the way.

Of what I remember my dreams are pleasant to begin with. Always. Whenever I feel happy or safe this figure shows up to force me out of my dream. Whenever it shows up I get weaker and weaker the closer it gets and I end up crawling away. Sometimes it gets so close that my vision gets impaired like when you get very drunk and I can hardly orientate. It never gets closer than 5 meters or so. It doesn't speak or say anything. The figure is tall, thin and dark. The face is blurred. It has arms but no legs. The presence of it is pure terror like I couldn't be more affraid of it. The setting is rarely the same. The only dream it haunted me more than once is in my home and it forces me out.

The past month or so a red headed girl about 16 years old or so with has shown up when ever the thing appears and she ask me how much weight I'm carrying and I tell her that I think it's just me. She replies "I carry the weight of 60 people. Don't let it get to that" and then my focus goes back to the thing.

I don't understand these nightmares but they keep repeating. Has anyone got any idea?