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The strange wedding

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:07 am
by Reck
A little background about me before I share this dream with you. I am a 26 year old, male. Single. Never married nor had a partner before. I would like to someday find someone to settle down with but at the moment I am not financially ready to do so. I never had a partner due to religious reasons but I had opportunities and I turned them down. OK, now with this in mind lets get on with my dream or nightmare.

I remember seeing a medium-sized gopher snake in our garden, then a wedding being held at my secondary school(which I finished 10 years ago). This wedding was strange, they were 3; one bride and two grooms, the bride was sitting with one groom and across from them was another groom. The groom across seemed to be very popular as he had a lot of people congratulating him. I was attending the wedding and was standing with friends, suddenly to my left a monster or a zombie tried to attack me, I pushed it off me and started running, so was everyone else. When I made it to the school gate I took a peak back and there was no one but me. This was peculiar to me. I started walking towards my house, I was not in fear at this point. While on the route a lady was approaching me; me and her started talking(our conversation isnt important since it's hidden from me). As our dialogue ended, I continued to walk and went past her, she becomes hostile and tried to backstab me. While this was taking place, a car came speeding, it was my friends from earlier, they told me to get in the car, I got in and sat at the back. While on the route, fear came to me and there was a small gray monster in the door pocket to my left, we killed it. But the fear continued..

Thank you for checking my thread. Looking forward to your interpretations ☺