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I don't remember everything just glimpses

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:05 am
by kzero
I have a serious infection, and in fear of my life personally. It's like a dental infection, that is a Uti infection, and sepsis. Anyway

I was going up these stairs in this dark place. The stairs looked like you were walking into another realm. The only thing you can see is a faint blue light, and darkness. The stairs appeared, and crudely built. As If no pride had been put into them. Maybe they were just old. It didn't appear as I knew thing place too well. I was walking up the stairs with a woman. She was a bit bigger then I, personally I was worried. Seemed like a lot of fun. Maybe we had been drinking, that night as I believed at that time. As were walking up the stairs that seemed to never stop. We're fumbling around, I'm leaning on her, a bit. I sort of kiss her, a slight nibble. This taste on my lips, you'd believe it was alcohol. It was the taste of bacteria, a lot of bacteria. You just know the taste, but I felt I knew it from somewhere else. I kind of shrugged, looking down at something. Looking through the wood trim around the stairs nothing there was nothing anywhere. Like a deserted old building, but in use for whatever. I told her I have to go, and she replied like that's fine, whatever was said. I walked down the stairs but instantly I was at the bottom. I saw another man going up the stairs. He just had his head down, didn't appear to have a very happy look. That was the last bit of my dream. I was in this dark corridor. I've had many dreams, strange things.

My life has took a turn for the worse. I have been through a lot, and well. I think things are foretelling the future, or not. I'm not really sure. Maybe I'm just really worse off then I've ever been.

Growing up I remember not being able to move sometimes. I was never super pressed about it as rem sleep does this. As time progressed recently I started to see deeper, of either my subconscious or reality... Right before things really were beginning to get bad. I remember one night or a few nights. I remembered seeing an actual thing, or person. At first I remember a few dreams as a woman. Then things changed, I could tell that the person, wasn't really a person. Maybe some sort of snake at first. The face was something I couldn't even comment on honestly. Maybe I wanna say it had a face or maybe it didn't even. I've read lore about these things that pray on you in the night. sap your energy. Anyway. Difficult to say If this thing or idea even happened. Pretty scary. Maybe what has been happening has a bigger relationship within reality. I'll probably never know. It has been some time since then.. I don't sleep in the same room anymore. I don't think I have the problem personally but it makes me wonder about the dream recently. :heart:

- Kzerp :dummy"