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Recurring high school locker

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Recurring high school locker

Postby huntfishcamp » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:49 am

Hi All,

Wanted to see if anyone had some thoughts about a recurring dream I've had for the past several years. I wouldn't necessarily call it a nightmare per se, it's more of a dream that puts me into a panic. All the details are not crystal clear, but here's how it usually goes:

Dream takes place in my old high school. Mind you, I graduated over 15 years ago, so I find it odd that I keep time traveling to the past...

Anyway, I am generally roaming the hallway either before school starts or between classes. Next thing you know, everyone is heading into their classrooms, and I am stuck alone, in a panic trying to remember where my locker is to collect my books. When (and if) I finally find my locker, the next panic is that I cannot remember my combination to open it.

In the dream, there are several feelings/emotions that become overwhelming to me that eventually cause me to wake up in a panic. I guess the main feeling is being late. Being late is something I absolutely despise from myself and other people. This feeling then boils over to also being afraid of the punishment that I'm going to receive for being tardy. As well, there are feelings of being singled-out for walking into a full classroom, late. Also, like I said, sometimes I struggle to find my locker, so there are those feelings of not remembering things, but also being lost.

Yes, this is weird, I know. But I am curious to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Recurring high school locker

Postby Ghuntington » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:05 pm

Before I give you an interpretation of your dream as if it was mine, I want to first share with you my perspective on who we are and dreams....

I believe we live in a virtual reality. First, let's take science...

You might want to google "double slit experiment", "Erasure experiment" and "Digital physics". A growing number of physicists are now postulating that we live in a virtual reality.

This fits in with my own experiences. I've learnt that I have thousands of "other lives" AND that they exist "at the same time". This all makes sense if one uses a virtual reality lens to view this.

Further, I've interacted with probable "me"s" in this life. This too makes sense, if one view it through a VR lens.

Tom Campbell, a physicist, in his book "My Big Toe" (Theory of Everything), states that we are part of learning about compassion. This resonates deep within me. There are many realities where compassion is not practiced. This is but one of many different ways of learning about this.

In our dreams, we are out of our bodies. However, our inner beliefs filter out most of our activity. We are then left interpreting the details through this filter.

It's been my experience, that as we learn to open ourselves up, that the reality filters slowly change. Then we can learn LOTS more about who we really are.

Okay, one last thing to note before the dream. I've learnt that rooms and buildings I am in are symbols of masculine based beliefs that wall out myself from being able to see my greater self and my feminine, i.e. the outside. Each wall, floor and ceiling are symbols of individual beliefs that work together to create the surface level beliefs we experience.

So, with all this said, here's my interpretation of your dream as if it was mine...

I am creating my dream in a school. It's a symbol of places where we learn. In many of my past dreams, when i was just starting to learn to listen to myself, I had dreams located in schools. It's like a polite way of saying "Hey Guy! Spiritually wake up and learn to recognize the beliefs you're using!"

Next, I'm in a hallway. This is what I've come to call a "belief corridor". It's a way of conveying to myself that these are beliefs that not only "spiritually wall myself in" BUT I use them to spiritually communicate with others, like many of my other lives. I've been learning that there is no place to go to meet my other lives, i.e. we all are instantly accessible to each other BUT I'm still frequently walking, driving, flying or whatever to meet them.

My other lives, i.e. the students, then enter belief compartments, i.e. classrooms where they are learning about the beliefs they use. I however, am left alone in the hallway. I am not spiritually awake to realize that this is actually a good thing, i.e. I'm beginning to realize what this stuff all means.

So, what do I do? I literally interpret my dream scene. I am wanting to go find my locker and books, i.e. yet more symbols of masculine based beliefs I rely upon. I am using the surface level beliefs of learning from written communication, i.e. books et al, to spiritually communicate with others.

What's my feeling? Panic. This is one of the themes of the dream. This sense of not being part of the whole, being late, not being able to find my "stuff" all emanate from the inner beliefs the hallway is a symbol of.

Then there's the feeling of punishment...

In my dreams I've realized there is a group of inner beliefs that I've come to call "command/control". These are masculine based beliefs that are afraid of my feminine. They result in me living lives where I am either a controller or, a controlee. One of the many surface level effects of this is punishment, both physical and mental. So, there I am feeling the fear of being punished and also being late.

I am laughing a bit at myself as I write this. Why? In a virtual reality world there is no such thing as time. Yet, because all of us believe that there is, that's what me manifest. It's what I call a "real illusion."

I LOVE THIS DREAM!!!! Why? It's like a gigantic spiritual wake up call to myself. It's my choice whether to learn to listen to myself and address all this "stuff" or, to avoid it. That's the power of dreams. They present ourselves with choices.

I hope some of this deeply resonates within you.

With kind regards,
Guy :)
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