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Losing my younger brother,pausing nightmares

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Losing my younger brother,pausing nightmares

Postby Sergiu » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:56 pm

I had these nightmares once where my brother dies.We were on some kinda road,in a lonely and foggy world,walking endlessly together.He couldn't bear the fact that we were the only ones there.After some time we reached a big tree.My brother climbed it,wanting to jump off of the top of the tree wanting to kill himself,so i climbed after him,telling him to stop and stay with me,but he wouldn't listen.We eventually reached the top,where he was about to jump but i stopped him.I convinced him that If we kept going,we would eventually find a way out.He changed his mind,and agreed to climb down.But as i reached out my hand to grab him,he fell.I screamed,as i watched him fall,knowing that i managed to convince him to not jump,but it was all in vain in the end.I couldn't bear to see him die,so i jumped after him,but i woke up,sweat covering my whole body.And another nightmare was that a big black beast was in our house,so i ran to our living room which was pretty large,and as the beast aproached i hid behind a table.It knew where i was,so it prepared to leap at me.But i paused the nightmare halfway in its leap.And there it was,suspended in air.I had 2 options,resume or quit.I wanted to quit but i couldn't.The nightmare wouldn't let me.So i waited until i woke up,but i didn't,instead i was in another scene,this time in my room.The beast was inside,and i was awake,trying to not move so it wouldn't notice and kill me.I was in some sort of spectator mode,as i could see myself laying in the bed,covered by the blankets that hid me,almost thinking i'm seeing myself sleep in the real world,and the beast that was searching for me.It didn't find me,moving on to the next room.Then i finally woke up.Also(not really related to dreams) there were 2 instances where i would hear a voice speak to me.One was when i was about to go to sleep,making my hair in the mirror.As i aproached the bed a voice told me: "are you going to sleep already?". And another time was when i was trying to sleep,some other voice told me "Tell her".I didn't know who i was supposed to tell what.
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DM Lurker
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Re: Losing my younger brother,pausing nightmares

Postby Ghuntington » Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:38 pm

Before I begin, let me tell you about my own experiences with recurring, scary dreams. Once I learned to listen to myself and learn about the meanings of the dream AND if I choose to make changes inside myself, then the dreams went away.

So, if this was my dream, here's my interpretation of it...

I first consider where my first dream is located. I'm on a road. Roads, paths, walkways et al in my dreams are symbols of masculine based beliefs I use to spiritually travel to meet some of my other lives.

The fact that I am on a road and, it's a foggy world, is a way of letting myself know that I need to bring en-lightenment to myself in order to spiritually see my beliefs. One of the surface level effects of these beliefs is a sense of loneliness.

i want to note that I've learned from my dreams and meditations that spiritual communication is a feminine based attribute. I am feeling "lonely" because...I'm not listening to myself. As within, so without.

So, is my brother my brother in this dream scene or, is he a symbol? He's a symbol. Of my masculine.

I want to note that in my dreams, I will sometimes use people or entities I know as either themselves or as symbols. How can one learn to tell who is who in a dream zoo? By learning to listen to oneself.

So, there I am, walking down what seems like an endless set of masculine based beliefs, not recognizing it's me the dream is about and my masculine based beliefs AND I feel lonely.

Then we come to a tree.

A tree is a symbol of my feminine. So what do we do? My masculine wants to climb it and kill himself. This is a way of showing myself that I'm no longer happy inside myself with my beliefs. Rather than face myself, I want to end it all.

However, rather than understand this. I literally interpet the dream wanting to "save" my brother. This is one way to make myself remember the dream.

i then think I've convinced myself, i.e. my masculine, to not spiritually kill myself BUT in the end, my masculine isn't listening and jumps off. I am then so upset, blaming myself, literally interpreting the dream, that I too jump off my feminine and...I wake up, scared and sweating.

The choice of this dream is to not listen to myself and deal with these underlying beliefs that prevent me from connecting with my feminine or, to ignore them and keep on trucking! I keep having these types of dreams because I keep choosing the later.

In the next dream, I'm in a house. I've learnt from my dreams that a house is a symbol of yet more masculine based beliefs. Each wall, ceiling and floor is a symbol of masculine based beliefs I use that restrict myself from seeing outside, i.e. to my feminine and my greater self.

AND...here's the star of this dream scene...a big black beast! I am laughing at myself as I write this. Why? I've learnt over the years that I am the producer, director, script write and main actor of my dreams. The beast is a symbol of my feminine. The masculine based beliefs the rooms are a symbol of result in me not trusting my feminine. So, I then imagine it as something uncontrollable that can kill me. And there I am, running away from...myself. It helps to first of all learn to recognize this and then to learn to laugh at myself. This is part of the healing process.

And then my fearful feminine is about to leap at me. I can't escape myself!!!!! Now I am getting the message. So the dream scene then changes...

Now I'm in my bedroom. Bedrooms in real life are places where we have sex, change our clothes and sleep. These are symbols in dreams of places where our masculine based beliefs affect our ideas of who we sexually are, where we put on our masculine based beliefs we spiritually wear AND where we have our out of body experiences, i.e. dreaming.

I am lying down. This is a way of showing myself that I am not yet able to even stand on my own two spiritual feet to spiritually see the effects of my beliefs. Once again I am hiding from...myself, i.e. my feminine. I don't want to face myself.

I'll end by commenting on my two other "experiences"...

I am finally learning that I am clairaudient. I can spiritually tune in to myself and others by my spiritual hearing. I am letting myself know that I don't have to be out of body, i.e. in a dream state to do this. That's why I am hearing "are you going to sleep already?" Then I am hearing yet another reminder to tune into my feminine, i.e. "Tell her". I miss the point of these, literally interpreting it.

I can now stand back and see a pattern emerging from my three sets of dreams/experiences...
* I don't trust my feminine
* I an running away, spiritually speaking, from myself
* I'm not letting this type of choice work for me anymore which is why I keep having these types of experiences
* I have some spiritual gifts I can develop if I choose to learn to listen to myself

I hope that some of what I've said resonates deep within you.

With kind regards,
Guy :)
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