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The woman of my nightmares

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:07 am
by ChrisPeefeArt
Tldr version: I kissed a girl, then she killed everyone so I cut her throat.

The dream started out innocently enough. It started with a nice date with a beautiful girl that ended with a kiss. That was the last good part of the dream though. I was in some kind of large science facility with a bunch of young adults. I don't know what we were trying to study, but the bunch of us lived on this large campus so there wasn't really any way to get away from each other. That was cool at first since we all got along in the beginning. But then things turned sour. People started arguing with each other. At one point accusations started, but I don't know what those accusations were. I do know that one of the younger members ended killing the girl to protect the lead on duty. The hostility did not stop there though. Accusations still persisted and the lead who's life was saved ended up blackmailing the younger person that committed a murder on her behalf. This was about the time that we realized that the murder didn't take. That dead girl came back. She started trying to get to me. She was killing everyone that came between us and she had other worldly abilities. At one point she turned into insects to get through a door. At another she turned into electricity to travel from one outlet to another. Towards the end she transformed into smoke. This time I had made it into a room with an almost closed door and outside of the door was one of the only remaining other people still alive. He just sat there ignoring what the girl was saying and pretending he couldn't hear her. She transformed into smoke to get past him and into the room which is when we sucked her into a vacuum. I took off running. I managed to grab my coat and get outside. She also managed to escape though and killed that guy that helped me to escape. I ran out the back of the facility even though there was nowhere safe to go back there. The back of the facility was surrounded by swamp lands. Still I gladly waded into those waters to get away and buy myself some time to escape. For some inexplicable reason there were train tracks that ran through the swamp with a bunch of flat bed trailers parked there. I went between the two sets of tracks thinking that it would make me harder to see. Suddenly I started to hear some low grumbling sounds and knew I needed to get out of the water immediately. I started to climb up into the open flatbed on my left only to find myself face to face with two adult alligators that were laying there. I quickly jumped back down to see an alligator slowly swimming through the water towards me. So I jumped into the edge of the trailer on my right even though this one was full. It had been filled with empty liquid totes and when I tried to pull myself up, I caused the stack to topple over. I managed to not fall off somehow. But this did two things in my favor. It blocked the way for the alligators and provided me a path up onto the next train car. I made my way to the front of the train which was also near the front of the facility on one side. At the front was an extended van full of people. I have no idea who these people were. I think they were students maybe on a field trip or research trip. It was a van full of guys that were all around 17 or 18 except for the driver that was up closer to my own age. I told him that he needed to leave because of the killer. So he started to drive out the front. Just as we are turning out of the gate, we see the girl walking up the front lot. Like I mentioned in the beginning, this girl is beautiful. So most of the guys take an interest and want to stop. I convince the driver to keep going because she is the one that killed everyone in the facility besides me. He listened and kept going. Almost immediately after we pass her, we see her again up the road ahead of us on the right. She is just standing there having a conversation with three of the young people she killed earlier. I try to put my arm up to block my face because my window is open, but I was too slow. She already spotted me. I freak out and lock my door and tell the driver to lock the rest of them. He does not listen this time and decides to just drive faster. At this point I start to worry about not only this ghost woman catching up, but also getting into a car wreck because he is flying through intersections and stop signs. Still it is no good. I see the driver's door pop open. He catches it and slams it shut laughing because it catches him by surprise. I beg him to lock the door. His door pops open again and again until he is no longer able to close the door all the way. Then I see her hands down low in the door blocking it from closing. She slowly starts to drag herself inside and into the middle row behind the driver. I pulled out the pocket knife I always carry and hand it to the person next to me (closer to where she is) and ask him to cut her so she will lose her grip and fall out. He takes the knife, but stammers because he doesn't want to stab someone. I beg him and insist that she is going to kill us, but he still can't bring himself to stab a beautiful young woman crawling towards us. At this point, she has made it to being within my reach so I take the knife back. I begin repeatedly stabbing her in the arms to try to make her lose her grip. She screams out and starts to cry. She actually begs for me to just kiss her and says she will stop if I do. Now I stop momentarily and consider what she is saying and everything that has happened. This girl was killed by one of our teammates because she was accusing the lead of some wrongdoing that could have ruined all of our research and actually gotten people hurt. Yes, this girl at the time was getting a violent temper in the moment, but she was trying to put a stop to something worse and she had her throat slit open for it. Everyone that she had killed since was scared of her trying to stop her in one violent way or another. And here she was offering a way out. I could either kiss this beautiful girl or I could try to kill her like everyone else that died trying. But then fear overcame me as I slit her throat open so she couldn't talk anymore just like the person that initially killed her. This was when I woke up not knowing which would have been the correct choice or if I would have survived either way.

I think it is also worth noting that I have had several dreams before that involved slitting throats of violent people with my Leatherman that I always carry irl so that seems to be a recurring theme for whatever the reason. It may also be worth mentioning that I don't date irl. I haven't been on a single date since my separation and subsequent divorce from my ex-wife. Our separation was 5 years ago. I'm also not any kind of scientist though the facility did borrow some features from my actual job. It seemed to borrow more from horror movies that I have seen many years ago. I really don't know where to even begin looking for any meaning.