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Drifting through realities

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Drifting through realities

Postby Iamsiriuslyblack » Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:32 pm

It’s hard to explain. But it felt really really long. No individual scene was out of the ordinary per se but everything was slightly off. And I was just drifting through my life doing things with my family and stuff. Once I think I was driving up a mountain with my brother and Sister, there was another part where my dad and I were just sitting and talking in the garage.

In Another me and all my siblings were sitting around a table looking through bills and mail and such and just talking having a great, family time. And everything felt almost normal but slightly off in all of these scenes.
Almost like I didn’t belong in some, and more like my family was wary of me in others. I think in the road trip one cody and Tessa (my brother and sister) were almost acting as if they had missed me a lot and hadn’t seen me in a long time and that’s why we were driving up somewhere. Like I had died and come back or something.

But then the last scene was where it all came together cause I was just sitting with my mom and dad during my moms lunch break somewhere and we were going over some bills or bank statements or whatever that came in the mail and I noticed that Mom had some weird amounts in her account. Like a shit ton more money than she should have. And I was thinking it was almost like a payoff and the rest of my dream started making a sick kind of sense, as if in each scene, someone had found me and put me with this family temporarily and paid them off to act normal for my sake.
but I was stubbornly in denial and I didn’t want to admit it.

And I guess I was making a face or maybe my mom just didn’t like me reading over her shoulder cause she snatched her bank statement away and was like “dude what’s Your problem..?”
In this really cold unattached way. And I could just feel it, that she didn’t know me. She was just pretending. And I asked her where my siblings were and she said “what are you talking about?” All angry like and kinda confused. And my dad was giving me this weirded out angry look but I was like panicking at this point and I said “my siblings! We always look at the mail together and the bills and all that always!”
But Mom was like “no, me and Tim always look at the bills together.” And they both started yelling about it, but this was off too, like they NEEDED to convince me, and my dad finally said really angry and dismissively “me and Danielle always do the mail and especially if you were one of my kids you’d be handing ME your mail and your bills and having me do it!”

And this shit was just wrong. Fundamentally wrong. And I knew for sure then that this place was different because they really weren’t lying but it still wasn’t true and I freaked out and knocked over the table and threw the ash trey and yelled at them “where are we!” And they exchanged a look and Mom was like “he finally noticed” all exasperated like and I demanded to know again where were we because I knew for sure that this entire time, for whatever reason,
I’d been randomly drifting through alternate realities and everyone I had met was not only pretending, but they weren’t mine. And it was all fake. And none of them were my family. And I KNEW, I could FEEL it that I had been drifting like this for so long that MY family had to be dead already. And they were gone. And I just kept drifting through these fakes. These pale imitations and it all meant nothing and there was no point to anything I did because I would just drift on later to another fake family. And I realized as I dropped to my knees and started crying that I had suppressed this knowledge a long time ago because I knew all of that already, but it just didn’t feel so soul crushingly lonely to pretend. and somewhere along the way I managed to pretend so hard that I forgot. And as I was waking up I could tell I was going on to another place already too.

And yea. That was probably the most extremely detailed, disturbing, and depressing dream that I’ve ever had.
Usually I’m lucky to remember I even had a dream but this one had me really messed up. I woke myself up because the me in my dream was sobbing and the breathing was weird. I feel like I just lived a Stephen king novel. Any opinions on what the hell this could possibly mean, I’d appreciate it.
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