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Violence, just violence

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Violence, just violence

Postby Narrator » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:24 am

A few quick things about my dreams (for prespective if needed) normally my dreams are a story instead of a kaleidoscope of events. One in which I know the past, am seeing the present, and know the close future (what comes next/what I'll see next). Rarely do I see anything from real life in them either. I also usually find myself in first person as a character in the story (sometimes viewing the my character in third person). And when I have nightmares I either die, waking up, or am so scared/sad that I wake up. This dream was not like that. For me, this dream felt like it just spiraled out of control. I felt no emotions and am a little freaked that I had this dream (I am not a violent person irl, not at all).

Warning, this dream was very violent and had some nudity. I will avoid all the gory details, which I saw in unfortunate vivd detail.

It's been about an hour since I woke up, so some of the details are missing. It started out a normal dream for me (a story with a past, present, and future). Taylor Swift (the only person in the dream that is a real life person) decided to make a music video at this creepy, large, asylm like house. The video was basically about 2 girls (one her, one me) that were brought together to this place as patients (the director played the doctor). Varies things happen, and the end of the shooting ended with one if the girls (TS) thinking she was helping the other one cut her hair and clothes off, but was actually slicing her skin. The other girl (who stopped being me at this point) took it for a long time thinking it was normally before suddenly attacking in defense. The two kill each other while the doctor enjoys the show. I dream of some of the reactions of ppl watching the video, one of who says the doctor was the worst of them all cause he knew what was happening and enjoyed it, before I end up viewing the house and the director again. The music video crew is gone.

At this point, I no longer have a character in the dream. Some of the events are fuzzy, but basically there is this older lady who stayed behind after the music video was done for some reason. She starts exploring the house (which is apparently the director's) and starts finding odd things like pools of blood and signs of others living there. One of the maids catches her and tells her to leave, she doesn't. The director, meanwhile, starts killing ppl he has locked up in varies rooms in the house. He deems them as criminals and kills them in various, quick, ways. This lady stumbles across it. In reaction, he locks her in a room while in a fit of rage. He slams the door, then hears a scratching sound from the other side. He yells at her to not try to escape before storming off. Inside the room, the lady has hidden her laptop in the carpet and is typing a message for help, using the carpet to muffle the sound. The director slams open the door pulls her away from the computer, types a message saying that nothing is wrong and to leave her there (as if she wrote it) hits send then turns around starts hitting her over the head with a metal bat. The lady had had video on, and the video/stream of her being beat gets sent along with the message (dream logic). What was supposed to happen next was that rescue came and saved her, catching this guy in the act.

Instead, this is the point my dream went out of control. The timeline got thrown out the window, and any sense of time vanished. The director goes crazy and starts grabbing random ppl and violently killing them. He'll smash anyone who walks by him in the head with the bat, and tears apart the ppl in the rooms, dragging some of them out still partially alive. His house ends up covered in blood and there are screams everywhere. At one point he takes this old lady and starts dismembering her, starting with her feet, talking about how humans will continue to live as long as their brain, lungs, and heart are still intact. At the same time (like I said, the timeline went crazy) there is a friend of his in a room monitoring security cameras throughout the house. He talks about how he was okay with things when they were hurting just the criminals and turns around to talk to the director about stopping. The director has his back turned and reflexively smashes the guy in the head with the bat as he turns around. He regrets it for a moment before wrapping the guy up in the carpet to drag him out to dump the body in the lake behind the house. He's pulling the body down the hall when two naked men grab at the body, begging him to wait, saying he's still alive. A tug of war preceeds (the two men are kept *cough* pets of the director and he doesn't want to harm them). The view pans over to the kitchen where the old lady is still alive, trying to crawl on the floor with only her upper body still intact, while continually saying "no, no, no".

Then I woke up.

Can someone please tell me why I dreamed that? I've had some odd dreams before (some messed me up for awhile afterwards too), but nothing like this, and nothing this violent.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Violence, just violence

Postby lukiusjohn » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:32 pm

well it is important to realize real horrors happen in real life, i find the dream not exactly specific, if your a horror fan, it could just be a dream, ... there is this weirdness where most of us are nice decent people, but really if we knew we could get away with it we would rather be monsters, so it could be your subconscious telling you about the inner nature about someone around you? ...
Dream Seeker
Dream Seeker
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