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Dying, Strangers in a Family, A Fox

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Dying, Strangers in a Family, A Fox

Postby Bmiz » Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:17 am

I tried using the facts to see if I could perhaps puzzle this out myself, but I'm hoping to see if anyone else might have some guidance as to what my nightmare may mean.

A bit of background: I recently was in a mentally abusive relationship, which I got out of and moved out/cut ties with last November. I've been living alone since December and working to cope through it. During that relationship and since I moved out, I've had a few dreams depicting my ex abusing me physically, attempting to kill me [but never fully, only a partial attempt], and simply breaking into my apartment and just being there. I never had nightmares that I can recall before that relationship, so I've been thinking my occasional nightmares are tied to that.

The dream itself: This dream specifically came pretty oddly. First off, the characters. There were 3 main people in this dream - 2 sisters, and their mother. All 3 were people I don't know, and I saw through the eyes of one of the two sisters throughout the dream. There was a third sister, but she was only there briefly. As a note, I'm a man. There were no features about any of the woman in the dream that stood out or reminded me of people I know. There was also a fox that I, as one of the sisters, found and adopted. There was a bit of passage of time, from the fox being young to growing a bit older, but the relationship with the fox was purely positive.

The dream consisted of me as Sister 1 adopting the fox and keeping it a secret from Mother. The fox came with me a few times, and resided in my room. Sister 2 knew of the fox and kept my secret, but was only really in near the end of the dream. Much of the dream was little segments of bonding with the fox. Then, near the end, the fox was somewhat older, and I pet it before Sister 2 visited the room - at that point, my view changed to Sister 2, who entered the room and pet the fox while chatting a bit with Sister 1 about the fox. Sister 3 stopped by to state that Mother was coming, so Sister 1 could hide the fox. I, as Sister 2, ran from the room and downstairs, where I ended up turning into the kitchen and getting out of view before Mother got to the room with the fox. Soon, Mother came down to the kitchen, speaking of Sister 1 being a filthy daughter. I greeted her, stating I was just getting ready for the day. I moved to a mall washroom connected to the kitchen with clothes in hand, feeling scared as I tried to close the door. But instead of a regular door, it was a folding door on rails that folded open and extended to shut, and didn't lock. It didn't reach the wall, so it couldn't close fully. Mother opened the door and looked at me, and had a large knife in her hand. I begged "No mother please" before she stepped in closer. The weapon was changed to a kind of meat tenderizer, which she then used to kill me/Sister 2 as I/she screamed just before I woke up. I didn't scream in real life, but the screams were the last thing I heard before waking.

I was looking up the things related to Death, Fox, Killer, etc. but wasn't really sure how to piece it all together. There hasn't been any recent big changes in my life in the last few weeks to a month, but there is a potential change that could be coming up in the near-ish future with relocating for work. Lately I've been feeling more positive/chipper about life and happy in general [which is normal, as I'm usually a pretty happy & optimistic person], so having a nightmare right now is a little surprising to me.

Anybody have any thoughts on what all this might mean? I'm curious to get to the meaning of all this and see about rectifying the cause of the nightmare, but I have no idea where to start.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Dying, Strangers in a Family, A Fox

Postby AnishaEb » Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:10 pm

Well it obviously is about being careful cause you know someone dangerous that could kill you. Either your ex or someone else like that. I'm pretty sure you gotta e careful...
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Dying, Strangers in a Family, A Fox

Postby lukiusjohn » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:23 pm

for some reason i believe it is about your exes world view of you, i assume the fox is you, and the sisters have something to do with relating you to how either your ex sees you, or how the sister sees you, ... i am convinced if we cannot receive someone into our dream, or don't want to, someone else will be in the dream in their place, if she sees you as a fox, it is either because you are dishonest or because she is not capable of trusting you, or trusting her heart with you, which may not be your fault,....... tis my wild guess
Dream Seeker
Dream Seeker
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