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Mom is told she is dying

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Mom is told she is dying

Postby tkidd91 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:25 pm

**Forgive the errors, I jotted this down very quickly so I wouldn’t forget a detail. It stuck with me long enough after I woke up. It was very vivid.**

Mom seen new doctor. Doctor gave results to her in her home. It seemed as though it was a gene testing or hormone or some sort of antibody maybe. But it affected her throat and breathing abilities. My dad was asked to leave because he was being distracting and cutting up jokes I assume because he didn’t want bad news. Doctor gave her a prognosis of 7-10 years to live “on the longer end” with continued medication. Of course she was devastated, and I asked if it was hereditary. She said no. It’s the fatal complication of contracting a certain illness. She didn’t say what illness it was. All I could think of is that she would be seeing Summer (deceased niece who passed in December 2017) before any of us, but I could never say it. I never had the opportunity.

Same doctor is treating me. She gives me an ovulation test to see if I’m ovulating because I thought I had an ovarian cyst rupture, but also I was in the process of trying to conceive. She came back in shortly after to see what the results were. Before she asked she asked me about lilies being in the backyard and some sort of other flower she referred to as “kisses” being next to the lilies. I looked out the window and seen the flowers she was talking about but orange sunflowers were also near the lilies I told her that I believed my mothers granny-gran (grandmother) planted those many years ago her name was Lily. She then asked me if my ovulation test was positive. I said no. It was not. Then she had a concerned look on her face. And I can’t remember how we watched what she showed us. Either she whirled it in midair like a mirror or we faced a tv. On it, it was black stone maybe a castle with green fog and a dark ominous booming voice. It had my parents and referred to heaven with two sets of little girls. Ones name was Adeline and the other was Lily. And to save my mom I had to have a girl and name her lily. Then the little world we were watching flipped upside down it was hell and was talking about baby boy’s. With Cody and Curtis (My sisters husband and live in friend) being there to bring out the boys. I cannot remember the names of what the boys were, but having a boy meant it would be “spilled,” to save my mom.

I tried telling Reihanan (my sister) but she had to take Declan (my son) somewhere because he kept coming in and distracting. It seemed to be distractions everywhere.

I don’t remember pretty much anything after that.
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