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I have recurring nightmares that I physically feel after wal

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:58 pm
by Gregfortree
I have really odd and specific dreams and nightmares. Most of the time I wake up screaming and in pain because I feel the physical effects from what happened to me in my dreams, when I awake. I need help. I tried talking to a psychiatrist but she wasn't helping me. I tried taking prescription meds to make myself stay asleep but it didn't help. I doped myself with NyQuil but that only made it worse. I'm going insane. My heart can't take this anymore. I wake up yelling and screaming and unable to move. My wife can't stand it anymore and sleeps in a separate bed.

I just woke up screaming and my neighbor(who's probably sick of my shit already) called the cops that I was beating my wife. I tried to explain but they didn't believe me until I woke her up and she confirmed it. But the scary part is these dreams don't feel like dreams. I can't remember most of them but the one I just had right now is still fresh on my mind.

I was old and in a nursing home it was my birthday and my family had abandoned me to die there. The staff wheeled me out to the lobby because someone's grandkid was going to entertain us. This kid played a real bad song that was all noise and off key, it sucked. Everyone clapped but me and I was singled out for not clapping at his mediocre performance. He demanded I clap and I told him no. Because he sucked and wasn't going to get any undue applause from me. Then he took his electric guitar smashed me over the head with it and killed me. I felt the blood rush down my face and I was happy to die. I woke up screaming and feeling the open wound on my head and the blood gushing down. I ran into the bathroom and vomited from the stress. Please someone tell me what's wrong with me.