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My Empty Apocalypse, i need an interpretation!

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

My Empty Apocalypse, i need an interpretation!

Postby FortElm » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:18 am

In a snow filled valley lay a cabin, with mountainous peaks on all sides. Perched on stilts was the cabin, with a hackle of chickens under neither in small un organized cages. The air was bitter and cold, and everything was iriely quiet, except for sound of my walkie talkie cutting through the silence. A women was speaking through it, in muffled tones yet I could tell she and I knew each other. The mood was somber and high nerved. She said " there’s no one left- static- how could this have happened -static- are you still alive? -static-" no matter how hard I tried I could not reach back to her, the signal was a one way path. The twilight hour set in, as I started to climbed to the top of a snow pack mountain ridge to view the city beyond my sheltered cabins existence, the snow gave way. "Run!" She screamed over the walkie, but it was too late, an avalanche removed the snow form the mountain side under my feet, exposing the jagged and sheer drop back towards my cabin. With a pit in my stomach, my feet started to glide down in the same direction, being pulled down by vertigo. And so I fell, for 10 or more seconds down the mountain side, un able to breath or emote my doom. The wind crackled against my ears and jacket, and before I plunged into the snowy gully, I knew this was the end.
I’m alive? This must be a dream, a strange one at that. The darkness was lifted as I pushed my way through the snow, it was dark , but now I could hear the voices and tremors just above the surface of my would be snowy grave. As I pierced through the final layer, it was like removing a pair of noise canceling headphones, with the sound of chaos ringing through my ears. I emerged in a city, I'm assuming Denver where I live, where peoples were on the street scrambling in all directions. The sky was a dull orange, the heat unbearable, but still snow was falling. I quickly realized that I was know that unnamed women, who was speaking to me on the walkie talkie. She was looking for structure. Everyone had lost the morals, people climbed sky scrapper windows just to jump and take out ever open window on the way down. She climbed the precipice of death and chaos, these people seemed deranged and dementia ridden, laughing and crying intermittently, a sickness of the mind had taken over, yet she felt sane climbing a skyscraper, escaping some unseen horror. Realizing her predicament, she broke a window and made her way into the building. A stand off issued, as frightened men pointing guns at her, she obliged with the same response. After exchanging concerns, guns were lowered and they accepted her into the group, they seemed like military and still sane.
My eyes opened, and I realized I'm still alive after falling a quarter mile into the side of the snowy mountain side. I quickly realized I was in a vehicle of some sorts, but more importantly a head on collision with another car. A body was laying half way out the windshield of the other car, half covered with new snow. My head was killing me, and I knew I had to get out. I popped the door loose, and used my body weigh to fall out of my vehicle in the snow filled road, making a long and obnoxious metal creak with compliments of glass falling loose. Somehow the noise of it seemed unruly in such a quiet place, as if its a crime to make so much as a sound. I picked myself up, and realized I was in my home town street. The snow was thick, but fell as if almost lighter than air.
All the lights were out, the sky darkened, and the mountains nearby lewmed over the wayward small Colorado town. “where is everyone?" "Why am I alive?" I thought to myself, convinced that if I speak it, something bad would happen. I stared to walk down my street, cutting through the waist high snow, thoroughly scrutinizing the houses to both my sides, all of the doors were open, only a few crashed and wrecked cars were seen through the snow packed neighborhood. "I need to get home" I thought, and soon, as the ominous feeling of being watched was setting in. As if the act of being alive went against my environment, as if I am not welcome here in this empty apocalypse. My house was relatively cleared of most the snow, as I have shielding from two other houses around in, as well as intact with the windows and front door shut. I stood there just before my driveway for a while, contemplating who or what I might find in there, but as the snow gathered on my shoulders, I was reminded why I came here.
I pushed through the snow and turned the handle to my front door, and it was unlocked, quickly stepping in and forcing the door shut against the weigh of the snow. The air was cold and mucky, the sound of the snow causing buckling sounds from the roof, immediately I saw the house in ruins, as if my parents packed everything they could and left while they can. I was alone here and it didn’t comfort me that they made it out of the house, I knew that they too are now gone forever. I quickly became aware of my situations and gathered everything I could fit into my backpack, before going to the basement to look for the suitcase of rifles and shotguns normally down there.
The sense of being alone was grueling, and my heart felt it was wrong to be in this house knowing its no longer ours, but a product of this strange and empty apocalypse, where no one and nothing seemed to live. I cracked to door open to the basement, but stopped partially open, I could hear a new sound scratching against the pavement floor. Suddenly there was a knife in my hand, and I was ready to defend myself from whatever dares to live here. BAM! the door flew open by my shoulder and swung the knife into the doorway, cutting through the darkness, but was not met with flesh but a picture frame. Sitting there, in the dark was my dog, shivering and terrified, staring at me as if it did something wrong. I fell to my knees a picked up her, crying and relieved to see something so pure and innocent. She didn’t make a single sound, as if she new the consequences of making the slightest nose better than I did. This troubled me deeply, and immediately composed myself so not to lure an unknown horror here. I had a purpose now.
The sound of the front door slamming shook me to my core, and rattled me so much as to drop everything and run up to investigate. There was no one there, except the lights of a car in my driveway. I quickly ran out to investigate who this way, and realized that it was my step brother, with the case of weapons I was looking for at his side. I popped the door open and whispered loudly at him, " Grant! What are you doing here?" "Stay with me, it will be safer". He said that he isn’t going to stay, and that your on your own. As he started to shift into gear I pleaded with him" please just leave me with one shotgun" he refused and I could see hate in his eyes. I pleaded and pleaded but he didn’t care. "Your going to kill me if you take those grant"... While he slowly backed into the snow filled road, I realized I had a pistol on me.. and when I did, I didn’t hesitate... through the windshield passed four bullets, and blood spraying across all the windows..
and that’s when my dream ended. Why was it snowing? Why was there no one left, what happened to everyone? I'll never know, but this was a very impactful dream for me last night. I hope you enjoyed it.
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DM Lurker
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