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What's causing my sleep paralysis this time?

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

What's causing my sleep paralysis this time?

Postby Cosmic_Kitty » Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:43 pm

Hi! I'd like to mention that I'm new on here and made my account specifically to post this. I'm excited to be part of this forum though, it seems really interesting :)
I'm no stranger to sleep paralysis. I have it here and there but not often enough to be as confused as I am right now. Also I want to note that aside from that I don't really have nightmares often aside from sleep paralysis but they aren't really the same thing even though SP is very scary.
So the past week almost I've been at my grandmas to help her with stuff while she's recovering from some sinus surgery. She's been getting around fine, I just feel like aside from needing some help like going to the store she mostly just wants me to be here because she misses me. Anyway i use to live here with her but now I live with my boyfriend. The first two nights I was here I experienced sleep paralysis and it was definitely a little different than usual. I felt much more lucid and freaked out than usual, it's a bit hard to explain (even though it's always pretty lucid). honestly those first couple of days I was enjoying relaxing baths with essential oils and lots of tea and a bit of meditation so clearly relaxing didn't help. Then my boyfriend came over for a few days and all was well. Slept great for those days. Well this morning at like 5 am he leaves for work and Ganna go home afterwards so again, he won't be with me, which is fine but as soon as he leaves I decide to go back to sleep and low and behold I wake up unable to move only this time it's much MUCH scarier. I swear on everything that I woke up, unable to move or call for help or talk at all (typical) all while hearing a scream/screech coming from inside my closet (NOT TYPICAL). It didn't sound like a person it sounded like a wild bobcat or some shit and I just had no freakin clue what to do or what to make of it, all I knew was that I had to get out of my room and not let myself fall asleep only to get pulled back into what I had just experienced.
As soon as I could move again I went outside for a smoke and try to get my head clear. Why is this happening? Why doesn't it happen when I'm with my boyfriend? Is it my attachment to him? This has never happened days in a row or simply just from not being with him. And I have never heard screaming before! Is it this place even though I never had an issue when I lived here? I really don't want to go through more sleep paralysis later on but I feel like it's going to happen again. I don't want to even attempt to go to sleep. Please, help????? :pacing:
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: What's causing my sleep paralysis this time?

Postby sleepis4theweak » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:24 am

hi :wave: so i'm thinking that the only explanation (in my mind at least) would be it was just due to sleeping in a different bed, different house, minus the person you would usually be sleeping next to. Even though you've lived there and slept there in the past, that's not your norm anymore. Your conscious mind feels relaxed and at ease but as soon as you're no longer awake your subconscious mind controls your thoughts. So despite feeling at home and relaxed at grandmas house, your subconscious probably was feeling slightly anxious about the changes.

I'm surprised to hear that you've SP experiences before but never with auditory hallucinations. have you experienced an episode with any visual hallucinations? both suck typically lol. All of these things can happen during an episode because you're still semi conscious while you're going into (or coming out of) REM sleep, which is the phase of sleep when dream. So you're in 2 states simultaneously, and for most people they can see their surroundings but they will be distorted by menacing figures, evil presences, and unpleasant sounds.

I think once you're home you should be fine. :) good luck!
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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