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Repetitive and Ongoing even after waking

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Repetitive and Ongoing even after waking

Postby Tuesdays.Mama » Fri Jun 08, 2018 3:59 am

Hello all. I was referred here by my sister in law to determine what this nightmare may have meant, so please bare with me as the details are still fresh and very-very detailed. First, I would like to start out by mentioning that I woke 3x during this nightmare and every time I feel back to sleep, I had picked up where I left off.
It starts out that I am in my parents car driving through my hometown. I am heading home to my parents house where my fiance and daughter await me. I am trying to hide myself from the police because an unresolved warrant for my arrest. The car quits working, and I just get out pull my hood down tight and walk. Its snowing. I am walking past the convenience store that is at the end of my parents road. And a cop I am familiar with (to say the least) and another cop from my teen years are walking out of the store. The familiar cop grabs my arm and says "you need to come with me" and I pull my arm away and try to walk away as he grabs me another 2 more times, I finally just give in. As I am waiting to see the judge in the courthouse, I ask to call someone to inform them of my whereabouts. I call my fiance, it is the middle of the night, no specific time just night time and I remember it being quite late and thinking he was going to be mad at me for not being home this late. I tell him I am going to be going to jail, to wake my dad up he will bail me out, and his response is "I told you so, I told you not to go anywhere" I waited what seems like hours for him to show up, and decide to call my mother. I asked my mom where my fiance was and she said he's gone, he's been gone for 3 days. And this is where I woke up, and the last time I looked at the time was about 20 minutes from the time I woke...
*It returns*
My fiance walks into the now extremely small court room and I ask where had he been. He said I was in Susquehanna and I asked what for, he responds that he walked to Crystal's house (he used her last name as well, this is an older woman friend whom I used to hang out at her house when I was younger, we haven't spoke in nearly 10 years) and I replied with "why did you go there, did you F@&% her?!" and he's reluctant to answer, in fact he doesn't answer but responds with "I'm going back to Texas and I am taking Tuesday (our daughter) with me" and my response to that had been "like hell you are, I've signed temporary custody over to my mom". and I wake myself up by yelling out "Please"
*I was awake for a good hour at this point because I am trying to wake my fiance up to talk to him about this nightmare that is so vivid and keeps returning, but he wont wake up so I laid back down.
*It returns yet again*
I am riding in a car with a friend from when I was about 15 years old. She is ranting on and on about this girl, "how dare she, I'm gonna whoop her @$$...blah blah blah" it is her, myself and my daughter in her car, and a car behind us following close. We are traveling up the road my parents live on (where I was raised, and the last place I had lived before moving to Texas) we pull into my parents home and go inside. When getting inside I lay my daughter down on the couch and walk away to talk to my mom. When I turn around my daughter is gone (but its like I am 2 people, I am myself and I am an out of body self, if that makes sense, and I am watching this Mexican woman walk into my moms home unnoticed by anyone, and take my daughter) my bodied self goes to grab my daughter from the couch and she is gone. I remember saying to my friend, someone took my baby, somebody took Tuesday, she needs me, she in glued to me she is probably flipping out... I am not sure what has happened if I've woken some and stopped the dream because I remember nothing else except that it is now 4 days later and my mom is on the phone. When she hangs up there is a black woman at the front door of our home and she is holding my Tuesday. My mother asked who took her and the woman responds "I cannot tell you that, I am just returning her to you..." My mom hands me my daughter, she is cold, stiff, and not awake....she was frozen. The black woman informs my mother that my daughter would not stop crying so the woman who took her, put her in the freezer. (This is so disturbing, I was literally shook to my core, and crying when I woke up) I immediately take my daughter over by the stove (the stove I remember being an old coal stove that I grew up having in the home, but no longer have in that house) and "thawed" my baby out. Within seconds the ice begins to melt away, her little eyes slowly open with icicles hanging from her long beautiful lases, she looks up at me with her still grey eyes, and smiles a big smile, the same one I see every morning in reality. And that's the last of the dream I remember, I woke up and stayed awake because I was so shaken by everything that happened.
Please someone help me out and determine what this dream might mean. I want to add that the jail dreams are constant, I have them all the time and I'm quite sure that its because of my past. I am overcoming having lived a terrible life before Texas of drugs and stealing. In 2 years my life is the complete opposite of what it once was, but the nightmares are a cruel vivid reminder of who I used to be. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Repetitive and Ongoing even after waking

Postby TenderLC » Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:52 pm

Tuesdays Mama,
It seem to me that you are dreaming of the vulnerability of being guilty of crimes, mistakes, and reputations that may threaten to cause you to lose custody of your daughter, and possibly lose your fiancé ! This may be a before-the-wedding jitters, where you dream of all the possible things that might go wrong. That is fairly common as you face your day. Each time you fall asleep during this dream you are picking up where you left off in order to try to resolve what is bothering you, namely the vulnerabilities of your situation. Try to check your feelings about this while you are awake and objectively see if there are any ways you can clear things of your past. You are reactive in the dream, just as we all are, but try to apply logic when awake and really think back to the maybes to se if there is any credibility to your fears now. I hope this helps you. let us know.
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