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Church, a sacrifice, and an entrance to hell

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Church, a sacrifice, and an entrance to hell

Postby nicco99 » Wed May 23, 2018 1:16 am

So, I would love to hear how people interpret this dream because the moment I woke from it I found myself wanting to pray to god.

I forget how the dream got there but... There was this church in the middle of a forest which happened to be a popular tourist spot. I think it was popular because it had a huge history to it.

My family and I were visiting this church and when we were exploring inside, I started to see this nun. This nun just seemed kind of old and spooky. When the priests around the place noticed that I could see her, it was almost like they started putting me through these mini tests. There was another girl there who could see this nun too. The girl failed the priests tests/questions, but I somehow managed to pass them. And when I passed them, I started to see another nun. This nun was older than the other and had such a viscous and evil presence about her. I asked my mother if she could see these nuns and she couldn't. When both nuns knew I could see them, something was mentioned along the lines of "it's time".

Everything sort of ended up turning black, like I was in a room of darkness. I could hear the nuns talking and such and it was like the darkness was playing mind tricks on me. They were talking about sacrificing me to their god. But their god wasn't the good kind. Their god was pure evil in every sense. It was sort of then that I realised that they must have been some kind of cult. I saw these chains come out of nowhere and latch themselves around me and no matter what I did I couldn't escape. Somehow my brother knew I was in danger and came to get me out, he was telling me it was just an illusion and I needed to break it. When I managed to break out of the tricks, my brother helped me escape out of the church and we started running through the forest, knowing full well that they'd send people after us.

We were running through the forest when we came across this reverend and his two children. He stopped us and asked what was wrong and when we told him he said to stay with him and he'd protect us. But the people from the church managed to catch up to us. They weren't allowed to harm me in anyway apparently because I was the sacrifice. To avoid any harm to anyone the reverend suggested we should do as they say for now.

When we were almost back to the church we stopped on this mini cliffside overlooking the church. We stopped for a moment there and when when we looked at the church, the doors opened and out stepped the 2 nuns and a couple of the priests and they just stared at us. It was so eerie. It was like they were talking to us but weren't. And not long after they disappeared back inside. And when I looked up to the reverend it was like something had changed in his eyes. He started talking about how he was going to go check out the church and that he had decided that maybe they weren't so bad and that he could join them.

He started walking towards the church but after a few steps it's like he combusted, the only thing remaining was a patch of black ash on the ground. And then my dream started to show me things from his point of view. It was like he was sent to another plane. And there was this eye roaming around on the ground, opening and closing every so often. It was big and had a sort of rainbow type look to it when it opened. Kind of like the rainbow you see in an oil slick. When the eye saw the reverend it came right under him and then opened and the reverend fell straight through.

The reverend was falling only briefly until he fell into flames. It was like his whole body was being burnt but it was also changing. And although it was painful, because he willingly went, it was more like a pain you could accept. Like, because he wanted to join them he was going to be turned into one of their like... demon slaves??? And after he fell through the fire, there was just darkness underneath the fire. He was falling through darkness, body still changing, and all alone.

I also got shown in the dream what happens to those who don't choose to go, they burn too but it's excruciating pain and their body sort of morphs and changes too depending on the kind of sins you'd committed in your life? Well at least that's how my brain had interpreted that part. And then yeah, there's just darkness and you fall through that darkness alone and in pain.

I was never shown what was at the bottom, only kind of like the entrance part. I kind of woke up after that.

I honestly was so freaked, that I really was about to start praying. And I don't even pray. :shock:
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Re: Church, a sacrifice, and an entrance to hell

Postby Dorn » Wed May 23, 2018 7:36 am

Considering the turn of events, the church, nuns, priests, and reverend strike me as an extended metaphor for ideals that you are mistrusting as hypocritical, deceptive, and fraudulent (eternal love, eternal life, chastity, etc.). It would have been interesting to know the questions asked by the nun, to grasp the full scope of the symbolism. What is clear, though, is that you can see connections and cracks in the facade that others can't (you see the nuns, your mom doesn't). And when it goes dark, it signals that you are encountering a blackout. Some pattern of thought has triggered a psychological defense mechanism, overwriting unpleasant images and causing an overload. This is why the scenario goes haywire, placing you as a human sacrifice to an evil god, surrounded by cultists, and captured by chains popping out of nowhere. As your brother puts it, it is mere paint (illusion), a reflection of your unwillingness to accept your insight. But the scenario restarts and your temporary protector (reverend) puts you back in the hands of the church and opts to convert. And what he experiences, as the eye opens up a portal, shows you how he opts for death. (I'm also reminded of a dream of my own regarding demons and portals and cultists.)

The "eye-opening" revelation relating to your insight is contained in the post itself: after the brief trial by fire that is life we will all fall through darkness and die alone. Your dream is a dream of death and the fear it invokes.
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Re: Church, a sacrifice, and an entrance to hell

Postby dreamyskies » Wed May 23, 2018 5:29 pm

You anticipating the new movie The Nun? Seen previews recently of it, maybe?

To me a nun means-Spirituality, pure, religious, saintly, moral and also maybe abstinence too.

A Forest could mean - Getting outside ( literally or of yourself, your own boundaries), could mean hiding, being lost too. ( a forest is a good place to hide yourself or a secret)

You mentioned something resembled a rainbow, rainbow means hope. Good luck, a fortune for yourself too.

Sacrificing means giving up yourself, maybe you feel you are giving up your identity for the sake of someone else. A parent, bf/gf. Same as being left alone and behind is the feeling of being abandoned by those who should care about you most, partner, family, friends.

Dead body could represent a part of your life you have no longer any use for, changing who you are, your surroundings.

Ghost can be someone or something in your life that no longer exists anymore. God, means you are seeking guidance, help, emotional support, solitude in your life maybe?

Your dreams has a lot of symbols in it, far too many for me to touch on right now. But, what happened in the week in your real life leading to having this particular dream?
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