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Sleep paralysis and Night Terrors

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Sleep paralysis and Night Terrors

Postby Freefromthematrix73 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:04 am

:shock: Can anyone please help me? i am 45 this year and i have suffered from sleep paralysis and Night Terrors since i was 6 / 7 years of age,, i had one of the worst attacks last night and i was having trouble getting to sleep but near on 3am i fell sleep and then had a dream that felt more real than life and i have never felt or had an attack on this level and i was stuck in paralysis and started dreaming but part of my mind was conscious but interpreted the situation to where i literally thought i had been drugged and kidnapped and i am a man and when i became self aware in my dream i then tried to wake up but could not and then i heard some men talking and from the conversation they was taking turns to rape me!! i then thought please kill me as i heard them mention what they was going to do with me and i thought that death would be better than this and wished for it so i could be free from the situation,, i woke at 6am and i fell straight back on the pillow as i say i felt like i was drugged up but i use medication in my real life and this makes the paralysis worse ect,, anyway after a few times i woke for real but had to go toilet and talk to myself and touching things to make sure i was really awake then i went back to sleep and i have an occurring dream and the situation is always different but in the dream i can teleport anywhere by thinking of a certain place ect,, i teleport to places i never seen before and sometimes i have other people chasing or following or looking for me and i feel like i have done something bad or got involved in something bad and then i think and get away and i know they are not far behind and sometimes i get away but other times i am teleported back and the people seem negative or angry with me and then i start teleporting myself away from these people and the situation,, i have NEVER had a dream that felt as real as the first dream and even now i feel traumatised and i know the meaning to the dream so i am not asking for help to interpret the meaning in relation to my waking life but i also have a photo that was taken as a 360 shot and in it you can see the hatman shadow person in this photo and also another spirit or part of one near me while the shadow person is behind me!! it is the only proof i have the shadow man and sleep paralysis are real and people are shocked to see the photo and been accused of photoshopped ect but i still have the picture on my computer,, how can i keep the shadow man away from me? and i have tried everything to control my sleep paralysis and even projected 2 times in my life that i can clearly remember and as soon as i realise i am out my body i shoot back in,, so frustrating as i would love to be able to astral travel but i have had paralysis and it seems the attacks are fewer but when they happen they are getting more real and intense,, if anyone else suffers the same or can give me any help,, i wear an amulet and victorian silver watch chain as a necklace as i feel that together they protect me and when i woke the amulet had detached from the chain,, a part of the link broke the other day too so i have had to fix it,, i know people might think i am weird and have weird beliefs but i been told by a clairvoyant with different people who tell me i have the strongest gift and power and they all claim to have never met anyone as powerful and they tell me they should be coming to me not the other way round and i had a few offer to help but i was not ready but if it helps me to control the sleep paralysis and terrors then i will learn but need to find the right teacher ect as after 38 years of having this happen to me and i have also had dreams come true and got messages in dreams that turned out to be true,, can anyone help me to understand what is going on and how to stop the attacks,, i once asked when in paralysis why they keep doing it to me and the voice sounded demonic and hissed angry into my ear not to Fucking talk to us!! he called me awful names and luckily i woke after a brief period so asking the shadow person while in paralysis won't help so how do i fight back,,,, people just say it is a dream and get over it,, this is more than dreaming and i know there is life beyond the physical body,, 45 year old man needing help please!!! :worry:
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Sleep paralysis and Night Terrors

Postby nancy_williams » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:27 pm

Damn, is this a case of possession from the astral plane?

Insidious dammit
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DM Lurker
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Re: Sleep paralysis and Night Terrors

Postby briandb » Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:22 am

Hey! These experiences are overwhelming as long as you remain in a state of fear. If you can find strength, confidence, and peace in the van, it can no longer haunt you. One way to practice this is by knowing you’ll ultimately be fine no matter what they do to your body. A lot of people in our society have had to find peace after having similar experiences in waking life - you may want to ask the universe for assistance from them and draw from their strength.

I’ve had a lot of out of body and sleep paralysis experiences with many different beings. Many of them can appear very demonic. From what I've learned, it’s just a game of fear. If you can face them head-on by knowing you’ll be a-ok and are not a victim, they have no more interest in you. You’ll find you’re new-found inner strength to be useful in waking life as well. That's often easier said than done, and it's ok if that's a baby-step process. You can learn a little with each new encounter.

About projection - it looks like you’re teaching this to yourself in stages. After each stage, you’ll encounter a fear or barrier of some kind. Allow the current stage to be the normal, and for the ability to progress to the next stage to come in its own time and its own way. For example, you may be needing certain life events to happen to unlock more experiences in projection. Or you might simply be giving your consciousness and body time to get used to the idea.

Cheers! Feel free to disagree or ask questions.

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