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I don't think I handle monsters like a normal person.

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

I don't think I handle monsters like a normal person.

Postby Volkameria » Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:30 am

I'll say up front, this is going to be an unusual post because it's asking for something closer to a meta-analysis. Also, apologies for the wall of text coming ahead.

So I am hesitant to put this under the "Nightmare" category, and what's more this isn't about a single dream. Rather it is about a trend I've noticed in my dreams. Specifically dreams with monsters or hostile entities in them, in what should by rights be nightmares.

I don't seem to get scared by dreams with nightmare monsters. Instead, I tend to try to kill them with my bare hands.

Couple examples, rapid fire, from more older to more recent.


Scene: I'm just chilling, watching some youtube videos with my friends in our shared apartment at the time. We were all in our PJs.
Wrinkle: One of the youtube videos has someone spit blood at the screen, and from that spot on the computer screen a creature crawls out. It's something between a spider and a crab. Its shell is porcelain like and its hair looks like brass razor wire. Its body is roughly the size of a basketball and its one claw the size of small plate. Its movements are agitated and wild and it hisses angrily like a snake.
My Response: I laugh at it tries to cut the toes off my bare feet. I stuff it underneath a large salad bowl and hold it down with my foot. We all go back to watching youtube videos even as it struggles and its hissing escalates to furious screeching. (Okay, exception, this time I Just detained the monster instead of fighting it.)

Scene: I'm in my bed and slowly waking up.
Wrinkle: I feel that my limbs are heavy, as if chained to the bed. In the open door to my bedroom stands a figure. It is squat and shaped like a naked man with almost too red skin. Its features are not visible because it is so backlit by the hallway light. It is just looking at me struggle in bed.
My Response: I get angrier the more I struggle and I shout, "I am going to kill you when I get out of here!" I wake up just as I begin to make progress sitting up in the bed.

Scene: Sharing a bite to eat with my best friend (let's call him "Jack.") in the apartment we shared at the time. He goes off to bed.
Wrinkle: I am about to go off to bed myself but I hear a whisper. I turn around and it's a fake Jack whose face is partially occluded in shadow. His eyes burn red and I can see vaguely his teeth are too numerous, jagged and metallic looking. He taunts me to come closer.
My Response: I had one second of confusion and then I said, flatly, "You're not Jack. I'm going to kill you now." And then I ran toward the fake with the intention of crushing his windpipe with a chop. I wake up before I can get the hit in, but at least I get him prone.

Scene: I'm handing out candy to trick-or-treaters in the doorway of a house. The door is decorated with a variety of cheap plastic skulls and bones. I wave the kids off cheerfully.
Wrinkle: After I close the door, the eyes of the plastic skulls begin to glow red with growing intensity and turn slowly towards me.
My Response: I cross my arms and say, "Oh come on, that's not even scary. That's just goofy." The lights die down.
Second Wrinkle: The door sprouts big bone arachnid legs and rips itself out its hinges and begins to chase me all around this house.
Second Response: I roll my eyes. "Really?" I run through the house with it chasing me, more annoyed than anything. There are a couple windows I try to break with my shoulder to escape along the way but none of them give way and we keep descending down stairs. It’s one of those “dream houses that are endlessly big and deep on the inside” type of deal. Eventually I get fed up and say, "Fine, the usual way then." I turn and ready a fist to turn and fight. I wake up right as I'm about to clash with the demon-door-spider thing.


Some basic info about me: I don't pretend to be a tough guy in my waking life. And I like to think I am even tempered and slow to anger. I have been studying a martial art for 8 years at this point, for what it is worth, so my fighting isn't just flailing. I hope this trend isn't some sort of delusions of grandeur. I would like to think I'm a fairly grounded guy.

And it's not like I'm immune to nightmares. I have had bad dreams of watching people I care about die or get hurt and they can disturb me just fine. And I also know I have this fear of dark deep water predators.

But this tendency of mine to run into a monster in my nightmares and then resort to violence is at this point several years old and at the point where dream me is getting blasie about it. And I kind of have no idea what it says about me?

TL:DR. I like punching nightmare monsters instead of being afraid of them. Don't know what it means, and it strikes me as odd.

Any thoughts? Thank you for your time.
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DM Lurker
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