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Seeing/Experiecings a family's Haunting and saving the dog

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Seeing/Experiecings a family's Haunting and saving the dog

Postby Lostinlittlerock » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:00 am

I initially had a very difficult time falling asleep this past evening. More then usually so, last I looked at the clock could have been 1 or 2 am. After that I was still awake for some time possibly even lucid dreaming that I was having difficulty getting comfortable to sleep not sure.

I was in a room with large brick chimney in it. Along with my sister niece and nephew. I was also having trouble sleeping in the dream because of being scared in this room from wailong, bnging and other Poltergeist noises etc. My sister was becoming annoyed because I was keeping them up with all my movement but it wasn't until screaming was heard outside the door that she started talking with me. I jokingly said maybe she's in the hallway unable to sleep which is when she confirmed she could also hear the carrying on in the room we were in our self. I went to the hallway door once the screams got.to alarming and my toddler nephew was running around because I was awake so my sister is angry with me and i keept sending him back to her as I tried to get through the door but he was still be defiant. As I'm opening the door he was trying to get out while another baby toddler was trying to get it so after getting the door closed I dragged my nephew back to my sister's.bed and go to the door. Once I open it I could see into another room where these young girls were in the bathroom,an object being through at them by a ghost woman. Theother was to the right of me outside of her door with two other children very distraught and wouldn't go into her room. I could see this ghost woman also right next to the a
Woman alive who was upset. So they can't see the ghost I'm registering at this point. I told the woman and girls that a spirit was attached to the mother trying to kill her.

This hallway also happens to look like a hallway in my aunt's apartment but I can't recollect seeing her immediate family member in this dream.

(There are other details about the dream that are getting lost to me.as I write this. It's 4:46am and I woke from.the dream around 4:01. )

I am then outside with my sister trying to talk to her. I am about to ask her to enter this other creepy house with me. It's dark cottage modern with a stone garden surrounding it and water running around it as well as under Neath. We have a small white dog with us so before I enter the house I go around the garden to get a different look with the small dog following.

What stopped me from first just going right into this house is why I create this account and am asking for the dream mood community to give me their thoughts after not being able to really decipher it on here.

Before I entered this separate house there were 4 animals that we're larger then usual all in the same pose pointing together descending in height next to each to under Neath the house with the pond water following. It was startling.which is why in the dream I went around to that section first to get a closer look. The little dog followed me when I stepped in the pond and got caught while I was exiting this stone water garden and was drowning. I yanked him out and he spit up water and I apologized to my sister. Then she started yelling at me and got Lauder and louder screaming and carrying on about "I brought her here" something about "this is the woman" or something along those lines. I can't remember verbatim because it was so creepy Im sure my mind wanted to forget instantly.

The animals pointing in unison was so terrifying to me that I've also forgotton what exact animals they are but u believe an owl type of bird posisbly a large turkey quail style type of bird a furry critter type of animal like a skunk or something.
They we're outdoor critter but they way they were pointing with one of their back legs slightly lifted in this statueesque state
Makes me wish I could sketch this whole image in my mind out.

Thank you for reading this far....
I would appreciate any insite on this dream because there was just so much going on I don't know what to make of it
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