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Snake nightmare..? Can anyone explain.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:12 am
by Boiiiii
At college trying to get elevator full of people to work but the buttons won't work or even light up so it's broken, after a while hissing starts and a clump of snakes comes down the stairs after me I get a pipe to hit it and get a couple swings in I run upstairs to get away but it's now the university my friends go to upstairs
It can be heard coming for me upstairs so I run back down to ground floor where it's now my high school where out the window a bikini model is crouched on top of a car with an LMG which when sees me unhinges her jaw and screams at me about to fire at me but I jump to the wall and what felt like take control I move myself to a highway standing with my girlfriend a woman is standing there saying we should break up for our benefit so we go to hug and we both feel like about to cry and regret agreeing to break up. I “wake up” to my bed with a mid day overly blue tint to my curtains, I'm at home and try calling my girlfriend to tell her she picks up and we talk about some things but I become fatigued and fall unconscious again I go in and out of sleep and fall on the floor and fall asleep as I hear the snakes hissing getting louder but it isn't long until I get up and slap my face a few times which brings me to (in dream still at this point) I pick up my phone and go to call again but I hear the screaming the bikini girl from earlier was making getting louder and louder from behind me past the external wall in my house. I try to shout and make no sound that could be heard so I run away to the other side of the house as soon as I leave my room it's night with dimly lit rooms and barely any light in the distance, my cat sees me hisses with an unhinged jaw like a snake and runs away before I see my mum and step dad standing near each other like how parents do but again with snake Jaws, I go to scream but make no sound before truly waking up. (each mention of these slithery bois that aren't actual snakes, like all the people, have snake like mouths that open too wide with a lot of huge teeth).