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Demonic sexual entity shared in 2 separate people's dreams

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Demonic sexual entity shared in 2 separate people's dreams

Postby 3reeck » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:50 pm

I need some help deciphering a strange dream I had. So I always have recurring dreams in this home, I grew up in this house which was at the top of a downsloping street+, and right before I abandoned the place my Mother began practicing Santeria(Witchcraft) there, had a special room with an altar. After 2 years of strange happenings in the house (Sleep Paralysis, Apparitions, Unusual Depression), I moved out when I was 15 to stay with my Dad.
So my dream begins in this home, It's the dead of night and everything seems eerie and substantially sinister. Im carrying the same tablet I'm using to write this entry and using the flashlight app to illuminate my path around the driveway towards the front door. I don't know if there was electrcity or not but the whole place was pitch dark and the only light source came from the tablet. I head to the bedroom that used to be my parents room, open the door and find 3 people engaging in an orgy on a bed. Out of the 3 people, I could only identify 2 of them as white females, the other could've been male or female but certainly was white, and none were faces I recognize from my past (I'm not even ethnically white). One of the girls is laying down normal under the sheets, the other 2 were at the foot of the bed. The other girl at the foot of the bed (Who was the only one out of the 3 to acknowledge my presence) seemed like she was getting prepared to get under the sheets to perform oral sex on the girl, while the 3rd individual watched. As I shined the light at the scene, the girl at the foot of the bed made eye contact with me, only to notice her pitch black hollow evil eyes. Her body moved in a sensually aroused fashion and redirected her attention from me back to the other girl. I had a sudden sense of impending doom and dropped the tablet as soon as she dove under the covers to perform what seemed to be oral sex. I picked up the tablet and ran out of the house as fast as I could. What seemed to be oral sex soon turned into devouring the girl and painful yelling could be heard (This is what I understood to be happening and didn't see it happen as I was running for my life). I run as fast as I can down this sloped street passing by neighbors homes which all seemed to be vacant, but my effort to run was very slow for some reason, I felt helpless and alone. I turned around facing the area I started running from and I start hopping backwards. To my relief, the hopping down this sloped street was much more effective and faster than running (I've had plenty of dreams where this running\hopping backwards scenario has occured). I could tell/sense the black eyed girl was chasing me but I had gotten a good head start. As I'm hopping backwards waiting for events to continue I wake up. I would say this was a nightmare but I didn't wake up terrified, I actually wanted to go back to sleep and continĂșe it, I was curious to know what happens next, but to much intent I was forced to get up as my 6 month old son wakes up.
First thing my wife mentions in the morning was about a strange dream she had before I even mentioned mine. She told me that she dreamt of moving into her aunts house with the 4 cats her mom owns because her mom had asked her to look after them, and in that house she had a strange visitor. A white girl who's face she didn't recognize. And that this girl had pulled out a baby out of somewhere and was trying to persuade her into doing sexual things with the infant. My wife in her dream felt disgust and anger and turned the girl down and was ranting at her to get out, and that this girl's eyes turn demonic pitch black and begins to chase/attack her.

Some things I'd like to mention:
My mom practiced Santeria for about 3-4 years, received a large settlement of money, but it was due to my grandpa dying from unexpected lung cancer he had gotten from asbestos use in the Navy during the Vietnam War. She eventually lost her entire family (I was the last to leave). She became intimate with a recovering addict from a rehab whom had taken their interns to do volunteer work at the restaurant she worked at. She contracted HIV from him, and became pregnant twice. CPS took both kids away. She is still with this guy and very miserable, none of her 4 kids live with her. But she has since become a Christian. I believe that whatever she conjured still follows her and feeds of her misfortune. I always have very strange dreams being in that house. It could be because of the psychological impact it had on me.

Both my wife's dream and mine contain this unrecognizable white female with light brown hair and pitch black eyes, engaged in sexual depravity at its extremes (cannibalism, paedophilia). We both had these dreams on the same night. I'm slightly convinced we were visited by a malevolent entity. But I would greatly appreciate other's opinion on the matter. Thank you.
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