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Recurrent location in dreams (nightmares)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:01 am
by xailent
Ok, guys, im freaking out.
Im a person that doesnt dream much, rarely i go to sleep and have any sort of dream, but once in a while i dream of this odd place...

You see, is this abandoned building, derlick even, its very tall, pitch black and very dirty with trash laying all around forming a green slush on the ground.

In one of my dreams i was on the higher floors of the building, which was like an abandoned derparment building but made no sence, walls were basically infinite on endless hallways with many hidden passages, one of those took me to the lowest floor, a dark and grey building... Filled with trash as i said before... There it was a set of destroyed staircases and in my most recent dream a massive mace of airbends.

I want to clarify that im not lucid on these dreams, im not in control yet im aware enough to have toughts,independant of what is going on in the dream, although these are incoherent and i cant remenber them.

I post this on nightmares because last night i had a nightmare, i dont usually dream of other people, but yesterday i dreamt of my best friend attacking me with a knife... As i ran away i entered this building... I need to add that i had "visions" of my new cat bleeding.

I also want to clarify that my friend and i are not in any sort of fight, nor issue between each other. And that my cat is very young, thus very reckless and likes to go out the house where there are stray dogs around.

I've dreamt of this building several times, in most of them, except the last one, i die, yet in those very dreams after i die i go back in the building and wake up at random. I need to add that this is the fourth time i've dreamt of this place during the last two years, but only now i dream of somebody else.

If you would like i could write the dreams i've had. Or what i still remenber. these dreams really freak me out the more i remenber them... They all feel just so wrong... What does this all mean?

Re: Recurrent location in dreams (nightmares)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:46 am
by Chook2
Usually, a building represents yourself and your life. In your dream, this building seems very neglected... So...hmmm? Does that sound familiar at all? Maybe you are not taking care of yourself very well? It would really help if you posted one of your dreams from start to finish. Then it would give more context and would be easier to figure out what it's all about.