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A Psychopathic Teenager named Willie Kills everyone

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

A Psychopathic Teenager named Willie Kills everyone

Postby Unclesid » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:05 pm

I'm 24 years old, male, and I work a boring stable job. I've had this dream before but it was when I was 16. It's very cartoonish in nature and any sort of horrible things that happen seem to just be like cutouts of their heads attached to a broken body with like disembodied voices and screams. The dream itself i remember being very graphic and making me feel a sort of terror whenever someone would die.

The entire dream revolves around me following Willie, but not actually interacting with him, or being able to, like a camera of sorts.

I'm used to horrible dreams that are extremely vivid and usually i can feel everything in them. But this one always catches me off guard. I've never seen Willies face clearly as it's usually just not comprehensible in my dreams. Basically the dream starts with a bus full of kids on a road trip, Willies in the back and I can feel his intense anger. The teacher seems to want somebody to volunteer as a guide. Willie apparently grew up in some town called Odeca or something in the outback in Australia(doubt it even exists). As he walks towards the front of the bus his normal sane self changes into a sorta ranting lunatic. He runs off the bus and everybody gets out to kill him apparently. Then he's with 3 other kids carrying guns, I'm assuming he got captured at this point but i don't remember much. He proceeds to tell them if they ever shot an animal before, and took the bullet out of the still living creature and shove the bullet back in. Further rejoicing in the idea of such things. Of course they're disgusted (and so am I), he proceeds to ask for a gun telling them he knows the area and its dangerous. They don't comply, and he throws a hissy fit calling them faggots and what not in a strong Australian accent. A strange tiger like wolf thing attacks, but Willie just grabs a gun and starts shooting the people around him and runs off. The tiger basically peaced out after the gunshots.

Then he is under a porch for some reason while some african american teenager is pummeling the top of the porch to get to Willie. Willie basically viciously beats him with a text book once the kid gets under the porch, then proceeds to light his face on fire. The kid runs out into a kerosene soaked bonfire and burns to death. Willie then leads the rest of the group of generally nice and good people into a sort of Transylvanian sort of castle/cathedral which they said "You led us to the sepulcher Willie?". There was a vampire that almost killed Willie inside, Willie then passes out. He woke up in a sorta library where they barricaded the exit with furniture and lit it on fire in an attempt to burn Willie alive. He escapes through a iron jail bar door on the other side, and pulls some small weak and frail boy that was guarding the gate into the burning inferno and jams the door shut. Then i woke up disgusted at myself.
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