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I dreamt of nuclear war in Denver and getting attacked

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

I dreamt of nuclear war in Denver and getting attacked

Postby peony17 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:49 pm

It began, I think, at my apartment, but the apartment building that I dream about that’s slightly different than the one I live in, but always the same in my dreams. But where I really can remember the beginning I was in a cafe. The cafe was adorable as if we were sitting inside the glass domes at botanic gardens, or inside a cute terrarium that also serves coffee. The windows were no bigger than 6x6 squares, affixed in brass settings, like the windows you see on older buildings. This place was a glass castle. (I know that there is a place like this, almost exactly, in L.A.)There were plants everywhere. The floors were tiled and everything seemed to be right in place.

Emily was showing me her phone with the designs she did for a designer that I really admire. I was confused that my friend, who isn’t a designer at all would be doing the personal branding for this woman. But I looked on. It turned into the design for the cover art of her music she writes, sings and plays guitar, “of course, because she’s perfect and can do anything” I remember thinking in my head. She appeared behind the bar and started talking to us. The branding for the record was relatively bad, but I refrained from saying anything. I remember it having high contrast black and white photography with bright pink type that looked to be somewhat handwritten and computer generated. But that’s not what struck me. She had created a little logo that fit in a circle and also a square that you would use for an app icon. It was a soft pink with different hues of pink as the accents, similar to something I would make. The icon itself was an eye, an all seeing eye, with a light blue iris. There were colorful letters wrapped above and below with her name, but those seemed unimportant. I kept realizing, in my head, all the other places I’ve seen this eye icon be used. I brought them up to memory as if I were pulling them up on my phone.

I do this a lot in my profession, so I didn’t think much of it. As I went to explain to these two girls the similarities I drew up, my mom suddenly appeared and explained that we had to leave. This didn’t strike me as weird, nor did the fact that I got into the car with my mom driving, someone in the passenger seat I can’t remember right now, my aunt to the left to me, and I remember my Uncle sitting to the right of me. I was sitting in the middle of the backseat. Generally I like this seat so I can see out the front windshield.

The car was a red Jeep. I can’t recall the year, but I believe it was an older Cherokee. As we drove away from this magical cafe, with solace, I recall thinkings, “that was the last time I’ll ever go there; this is the last time I will ever see this place.” We turned the corner and it felt, in my dream, as if I were face to face with the windows. We turned right, which is significant because we turned so we were driving West. The sky was that golden pink hue that happens as the sun sets. We had an unobstructed view of the mountains straight ahead framed by the gleaming buildings of what felt like Denver, though that view doesn’t exist. I was awestruck and so proud to live in such a beautiful place. I can see it now as I write this down.

It seemed hazy, as it usually does in the Summer time in Colorado, which seemingly enhanced what I was gazing at. I saw something penetrate through the clouds and land somewhere behind the mountains. It took maybe a quarter of a second for a huge torpedo of smoke eject upwards for hundreds of miles. There was a massive and extraordinary explosion. The type of explosion that creates a mushroom cloud, a nuclear bomb. As we’re driving forward time stopped. All of the sudden time slowed as I started articulating what was about to happen, the blow we were about to receive, the precise moment where I was going to have to react. I watched all of the unfold as if in slow motion.

The mushroom cloud formed and I could see the destruction of the bomb closing in on me and my family and everyone around us.

I took a deep breath, I closed my eyes and opened them right as the ungodly force ripped our car up and flipped us backward in the air several times. In my preparation, I was somehow ready to jump up, unbuckle, and eject my own self from the car as the Jeep tumbled backward. It landed on its side and the entire roof had been severed off. I checked to make sure everyone was okay when I got this overwhelming sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I made sure that everyone could take care of everyone and figure it out, but I had to go. I assured them I would find them in the shelter and not to worry about me, just to make sure they got where they were supposed to be.

** From here a lot of the details are hectic, in discord, and somewhat hazy — if not black and white. Like the sound you hear in the movies after a bomb goes off and everything is silent…. That was the state I was in.

I ran off, back towards the bomb, which all this time continually was blossoming into an amazing mushroom cloud, making the yellows and pinks and gold even more vivid. I frantically ran to find Matthew. I wound up finding myself in a hallway, all gray with ominous black and shadowed doorbells. For some reason, my instincts were telling me Matt was in there, but there was no way into any of these doors. As I stared down the hall, I realized how futile my search attempt was when I remembered Matt lived in Texas, which was overwhelming in itself. I had no control over his safety but I thought I could save him. In my sobering moment, I came to and realized the imminence of my finding my family and shelter.

Somehow, I found my way to the same shelter as my family. My mom, my Dad, my uncles, my aunts, and my cousin were all there. I Remember significantly the repetition of the same soft tone lime green that was everywhere — which became a kind of token or key motif for later on in the dream.

I entered the shelter through the north end doors, doors painted in that lime green. The shelter was a long building and filling up with people. There were people starting to give out things like water, food and other things for survival. Someone had handed me a donut, which I don’t like or eat ever, that mad eye realize how truly famished I was. It was just a simple glazed fluffy donut that made me realize how famished I was. Distinctively, I folded it in half so I could eat it quicker.

On the west side of the largest room there were stairs leading down to a subterranean floor, not quite a basement, because there were maybe only 5 or 6 stairs. In this room it was similarly long and narrow, maybe the size of three or four hallways, but extended each way for quite a bit. It was filled with rows of those plastic blue chairs from school. They were all perfectly parallel and facing the stairs which I were descending

This is where my family was gathered. They were to my right when I came down the stairs. I remember walking around the huddle, so that I was facing the opening of the door. The wall to their backs was that same green from the other room, but the other walls were a soft gray which added to the effect of the room extending both ways for quite awhile.

I was still eating my donut when I looked over at Laura who was offering everyone a donut from her own box. A bright pink box, like that of the vinyl cover shown to me earlier. It was a huge box, bigger than the normal dozen box, maybe it help 36 or more, who knows. The orchestration of the donuts were beautiful though, so colorful and neat. I heard my aunt remark, “I’m so glad she stole these from Trader Joe’s after the explosion!” Which, I thought sounded insensitive and completely unnecessary to say, but I forced myself to keep my opinion to myself — this I remember because I told myself “Bree, let it go.” And had that visceral feeling of zipping up my mouth and locking it with a key.

As everyone was getting settled I started to look around and got that uneasy feeling from before. This time I was concerned about all of the people I didn’t see in those rooms. For some reason, I had just expected everyone would’ve found their way by now, but I couldn’t recognize hardly anyone. It was disconcerting and I was annoyed that I was safe when my friends were out there somewhere and I wasn’t out there helping them.

I can’t remember if I explained to my family where I was going, but no sooner had I gotten there, I was out the door to find everyone else.

*** This is where the dream kind of takes a turn. But please bare with me. This, in my mind, seems like it’s own side story, but I’m lining this out to you how it happened to me.
I jettisoned out of the side doors at the south end of the building, those too were painted that lime color. I started to walk down the street, which was on a hill, so I was walking south down a hill. I’ve had dreams about this hill before. It seems to exist somewhere in Denver, but I couldn’t say that it actually does. In other dreams I spend time going into the buildings on the left hand side, but this time I crossed the street into the side doors of a high school gym.

All of the sudden I was at a sporting event in the gym. The sporting event somehow morphed from a basketball gym into a football field, however, I was still indoors. The players were playing as if no nuclear bomb had just destroyed our city. It was like nothing was going on outside of this game. One team was yellow and black, and the other was burnt orange and red, the yellow and black team scored a touchdown. The player who scored did his celebratory ritual, simultaneously a shirtless teenager in burnt orange pants pushed up onto his calved jumped down into the in zone. He made some sort of jabbing gesture into the player. When he pulled his arm back to repeat the same motion, I was standing in the POV of that player.

Behind the boy stabbing, now me, not the player, three more hoodlums came out of the bleachers after me. The boy jabbed again into me, with one of those X ACTO blades that you push out and break off when you need a new sharp one. He was stabbing those into my abdomen, breaking it off, and repeating. I retreated and ran off the field / court into the alley of the high school.

There was a girl, dressed in some sort of black oversized hoodie dress, that was part of their crew, who was trailing me. I assumed the others went onto the other people. I ran back towards the hill that I was initially walking down, and I heard my dad yell “BRIANNA! Over here!” Right then the girl managed to slice into my left arm. Just a clean cut, perfectly perpendicular to my arm. I remember feeling panic because at first she had gone for the inside of my arm, which I was sure she would’ve cut me parallel and made me bleed out.

I ran to my dads car, it was up to my left on the other side of the street, but his car was facing down the hill. At this point my running had slowed. It was harder and harder to move fast even though in my mind I kept yelling at myself to move. Once I got to the car we ripped off down the hill. On the other side of the street, the kids were assembling into a black hummer. I remember the dusty roads and the brown golds and oranges of the atmosphere around us. My dad drove far down the street, whipped right down another road, and dropped me off as his kept driving, to attempt to lure them away from me.

The dust and dirt smoke enveloped me as I ran to the left side of the street to cover. I found myself in a weird little grotto. There was a two story building to the left of me and prayer flags to the right of me and in front of my was an old looking porch that you would find in the desert somewhere. I heard the Hummer whip around the corner behind me and I ran through the prayer flags, into the backyard of this little shack. There was a picnic table with a wood covering above it. I remember the light pink tablecloth blowing in the light wind. It had a vintage silver place setting holding it down. Behind the table you could see down a ridge to the shaped of the mountains behind a huge cloud of brown and pink smoke. In any other scenario, this view would be incredible.
I hurried under that table without time to find a more efficient hiding place. I held my breath and realized how much I was bleeding, I was bleeding everywhere. In this realization I panicked again but quickly asserted myself to quiet breathing as to not be found. I heard footsteps approaching and I knew I was done. I closed my eyes as the cloth was raised at the other end from where I was hiding.
“What are you doing down there, Brianna?” Said a girl wearing a new age pilgrim-y outfit. She hoisted me out from underneath. She had blond braids, about mid length. Her dress was light blue and came to right below her knees. I didn’t recognize her at all. I still can’t quite figure out who she is in my mind. But nonetheless, she brings me to the top floor of the apartment building next to the old house. The stairs were a bit rickety, or it could have been my confusion of the whole scenario. We got to the top of these stairs and she leads me into a room with three walls of windows, with blank and painted canvases leaned onto or on top of every surface in the room. The left hand windows could open outwards, the right one of this set was ajar. These were the windows that could outlook the road and the street I had just came from.

We could see up that street on the hill that I had come down. Nothing was awry just yet. The girl was talking to someone in the corner and I realized there was another girl in the back right hand corner, wearing similar dress, but she was a younger African girl. I remember her eyes gazed back at mine without her turning her head, with an austere look in her eyes but not giving away any emotion. I could see the whites of the corner of her eyes as I kept my glance at her.

Behind me I hear a huge commotion. People have come out of there houses to see what’s going on. The hummer was parked outside and the group of hoodlums from the game were outside, however, they resembled more of a gang of goths or emos this time. They were spread around the open doors of the black hummer and all did some weird ritual with their bodies and their baggy black clothing swirled, or more like slapped around in the air as they drew body shapes on the ground with which chalk. The ground in which they were drawing on, though, instead of being asphalt, it was packed red dirt.

They came to an ending with their body shapes, laid down within certain ones, and simultaneously slit their throats. I stumbled back at the site of this and hit the rough wooden wall behind me. I looked in horror at the blonde girl who had seemingly saved me. She looked back at me and uttered something to the effect, “it’s the reckoning of loneliness, for the sad and depressed, I must go and meet them.” She leapt out the open window. In my shock Was even more horrified but I was paralyzed. I remember my eyes widening and my jaw dropping. When I finally came to, I ran to the window.
This random girl hadn’t jumped to her death she had jumped, grabbed a hold of the swinging window and was dangling there giggling. She was mocking my and how frightened I was. I was so angry. She maneuvered herself elegantly back into the room, like a bloody gymnast, but I was disinterested in what she was about to do next. No sooner was she back in the room, had I left.
I ran down the stairs ran down the red dirt, I fixed my eyes on the road ahead and continued forward. I was trying to run, but I was struggling. My feet felt like I was wearing slides in wet mud, when really I was just wearing my boots. I trudged forward with no regard to what was behind.

** I think at this point I forced myself to wake up and shake this dream. But, of course, I fell back into my horror scene. The rest is pretty foggy, but I do remember most of it. It gets a little more weird and less organized.

In my mind, I figure I am probably around 8th and Grant street, the shelter is around Sherman and 16th, I need to find as many people on my trajectory home as possible. I’m sluggishly running east, which is away from where I need to be going, but I figured I could wrap back around once I get closer up north.

The bomb has covered the city like an ominous cloud. It appears that it needs to rain, but there is no coolness in the atmosphere. It’s warm and rather frightening. I’m making my way up the hill on 8th, or 7th, or some low number street, I can’t seem to find the street signs. I was stricken with the feeling of not knowing truly where the shelter was and regretting not looking, or remembering. I thought about my mom. I was so very worried about her, and couldn’t shake the feeling of losing her. I tried calling her. Instead of an iPhone, I pulled a green EnV flip phone from my pocket. I try to find my mom’s number but it’s broken. I put it away and kept walking. At this point there are people about me. I hear people getting frantic. I overheard a woman scream, “they’re about to drop a second one, on Alaska!” Another person, “They say the repercussions of the explosion will reach South Dakota within minutes of impact in Alaska!” “There will be a layer of ash upon us as soon as it hits!"

When I heard this, it made me think back to the explosion I had just seen. It triggered me. “If the explosion from Alaska could be felt in South Dakota, where actually was the explosion in the Rocky Mountains? Was it in the Rocky Mountains at all? Where was the next bomb going to hit? Are we next? How many more are there? What the fuck is going on right now?”

All this thoughts kept rushing into my head, as I tried to really formulate my next moves. The threat of a second bomb really jumbled me and my thoughts. “I know I had had a plan, but what was that plan again? Where is everybody? Shit, I need to get back to the shelter. But, where is the shelter?”

Everything around me started to look foreign to me. I was trying to remember what the shelter looked like from the outside, but all I could remember were the green doors and nothing else. Windows on the south end of the building, all of the sudden, got triggered to my memory, so vaguely though, that I was grasping at fragments of memories. Across the street from the cafe where the people were all gathered was a huge church upon two or three flights of stairs. For some reason, I ran up to the doors to seek cover. The second bomb was coming, and I didn’t have time. I got to the front door. This church had whiskey colored windows, it was gorgeous. The interior, I could see was oak and mahogany, like nothing I had ever seen before. The man opened the door for me and asked me if I wanted to come in. He had a blonde bobbed hair cut, but was wearing an extremely lavish maroon fur coat that almost hypnotized me. I walked in without speaking a word. When he doors closed behind me I shuddered. What was I doing there?

I turned around and looked across the street. On the south side there was another building, comparable in awe and beauty to the one I was standing in. I felt a pang of guilt that I had not gone in there, thinking, “what if my friends are in there?” My friends were definitely not in this room that I was now trapped in. I walked around. There were rows of pews in quadrants all facing the center of the room. They were plush red on that golden wood. The people around me didn’t seem real, they were more like the Hollywood perception of vampires. I ran back to the front door and begged them to let me leave. After some yelling, I was pushed out those golden brown glass doors.

I ran down the front steps, across the street and up to the other building. This one was made from concrete, and had dark gray windows. It had a darker demeanor, but did not come across ominous by any means. I tried to run as fast as I could, but that feeling that time slowed came upon me yet again. The second bomb had gone off. I made it to the top of this buildings stairs, but the man minding the door wouldn’t let me in and just shook his head down at me. I felt as though I was 3 feet tall.

Behind me on the road, I heard a screech of wheels come to a halt. I turn on my heels to see a black wrangler jeep with my friend Nollie driving with two other people. Relief doesn’t begin to explain how I felt. I made my way down to meet her and her crew.

** The rest of the memories I have from this dream is fragmented and strange so I’m just going to list what I can remember.

We drove off, fast. We whipped left, so we were heading north. The sky had gotten terribly dark. The kind of dark that made the plants and the dark buildings all look angry. As we drove on it felt like the surrounding neighborhood was tunneling into us, and it wasn’t happy.

We spin out of control at the end of a random block. There’s a car tearing down towards us, which we haven’t seen other living should since the last blast, so we didn’t take this as an inviting thing. The black 4Runner,, or SUV comes to a screeching halt and 4 people dressed in all black form fitting clothes, with masks on, come and attack us. We fight back. They were like possessed demons trying to kill us. They had long black sticks as weapons.

Somehow they were able to take hold of one of the boys that was with us, and possess him. I looked at him and he looked back, and with the last blink of his eyes I seemed to read that he was sacrificing himself for us to get away. And man, we got the message and flew to the car.

One particular detail I remember from this was the houses surrounding us and the foliage. We were surrounded by green grass and well kept and shaped bushes. The houses, however, were all modern looking houses, but with a closer look, they appeared to be soft, as if you could run into it and bounce back, like a fleece pillow. The kind of material they use for towel clothes. They were all black, windows black, everything black, but they almost look playful even though they looked angry as hell.

There are other things I recall, but not well enough to put into words. Like, I see the places I went after and feel what happened, but I can’t quite formulate the words to describe it without it sounding like a bunch of nonsense. For example, at one point someone I was with decided it’d be a good idea to grab some coffee before finding shelter. A vintage store owner gave me a random and expensive article of clothing for free. Stuff like that that are just pieces.

Anyways, in the end, I was able to get a hold of my mom by dialing her phone number into my flip phone. I watched my hands dial into the broken phone. The screen hardly worked, but I was able to make a connection with her. Somehow she was able to find me and pick me up to bring me to the shelter. I entered through the beacon of those lime green doors and felt such exhaustion that I thought I’d collapse. My friends and family were there to help me too. And I walked in where I had received that first donut, and they had actually fruits and substantial food, and then I think I ate, but the dream seems to fade from there.

Then I wake up to the pink sky of the Denver sunrise outside my bedroom, and I wouldn’t let myself go back to bed.
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